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Can I cry for help? This is a cry for help. I literally don’t even care if I beat Fatalis, I just want Evil Eyes.

It takes so fucking long to get these damn things. I've tried for two straight nights to just get one. I got one, ever, and it was because I joined an SOS fight that was 14 minutes elapsed when I joined and they managed to break his head the second time right as I got in.

I'll admit, I'm not great at this thing. I'm about 50/40/10 when it comes to these fights. 50% I just suck the whole damn place up and I cart twice and everyone hates me, 40% reasonable battling, maybe get carted once on a technicality, 10% god king of monster hunter just laying down the smacks and avoiding the little bumps. It's those 10% of hunts that are the most frustrating.

If it's not me sucking, it's someone else sucking. We only get 4 carts in this event quest and it's pretty much a guarantee that if anyone carts before the start of phase 3 that the fight is fucked. Any time I manage to find someone with a special assignment with 6 carts, they're like MR 52 or something and literally don't have the armor to even be competitive so those 6 carts just blow by.

The first head break has become kind of standard over the past two nights. Myself and other randos have managed to get that first headbreak many many times. I believe after getting three pieces of the Fatty armor and the first level of weapon from weapon, I still have 21 Fatalis Hardhorns in my box.

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That second break just feels impossible. I have partbreaker loaded up. When he falls down and gives free hits, I absolutely empty the chamber on his head as does everyone else. Once that third phase comes around though and it's time to get that second break, it's like the hunter IQ of everyone drops like 20 points. Even with him hitting like a sunnuvabitch, it's just getting frustrating watching the fight go down the drain because no one can seem to keep it together.

My absolute goal is to just get that upgraded Fatalis Charge Blade. The stats of it are an absolute game changer. I feel like once I obtain it, getting the rest of his set filled out will be so much easier. But I need one more eye.

I've gotten so frustrated over this that I'm starting to wonder if I should just try HBG or something ridiculous just to focus on his head, even when melee weapons can't hit it.

If there are any heavy hitters out there who know all about the evil eye game, hit me up and help me out lol


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