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Can someone peer review my document on Diablos ecology?

I'm not too confident in the conclusion since it's a little biased but here it is!

Diablos, an aggressive territorial Flying Wyvern that dwells in a giant cave under the surface of the Wildspire Waste. Although this monster is listed as a Flying Wyvern, Diablos does not fly. Instead, Diablos digs through the sand to get around the Wildspire Waste. Diablos also digs while in combat, Diablos can dig straight under a hunter and launch the hunter into the air from below. However, a hunter can shoot a screamer pod on the ground above Diablos to stop it and open a window to attack. Also, hunters can only carry three screamer pods so I recommend that you bring some screamer sacs.

New hunters take one look at Diablos and have trouble understanding that it can dig through sand as swiftly as it does. A Diablos’ horns are curved in a way that makes them perfect for digging through the sands of the Wildspire Waste. Also, breaking a Diablos’ horns will not force it to dig less or slower, but it will decrease the damage dealt to the hunter when attacked with the horns, though hunters who use weapons that deal slicing damage should still target the tail before attacking the head.

Diablos will deal with other monsters in a much more violent way than it does with hunters. Noios are a small flying wyvern that are relatively calm, but when they sense the slightest disturbance, they let out a piercing shriek to warn the flock of potential danger. It turns out that Diablos has terrible vision but makes up for it in hearing. When a Diablos digs by a gathering of Noios, The Noios will let out those god awful shrieks to warn the flock. Diablos hears these shrieks and becomes annoyed. To put an end to the annoying Noios, Diablos will attack them by rearing up from their lairs, dotting holes that turn into these terrifying traps for larger monsters to stumble upon. It hasn’t been confirmed that Diablos intended on creating the traps or not, though.

It wouldn’t be very biased to say that Diablos are really mean. But they can be even worse to their own mates. As many experienced hunters know, Black Diablos is just a normal female Diablos but in heat. But what can confuse them is that they see male Diablos having turf wars with Black Diablos. It’s not some kind of test for the Black Diablos to know if the male Diablos is worthy of being her mate. There are actually two different kinds of Black Diablos, a Diablos in heat, and a Pregnant Diablos. The pregnant Diablos is likely more defensive and territorial than the kind that’s in heat. Because the pregnant Diablos is so territorial, it will not allow any monster to enter the territory it shared with its mate, and that includes her own mate.

Despite the extremely aggressive behavior of Diablos, these wyverns are actually herbivorous. Diablos prefer to eat cacti because they can get the water they need from inside the cacti. Diablos will only choose the best cacti to eat, and once they have found the best, they will only eat from that best cacti patch until cacti growth in that area starts to suffer. When cacti growth suffers, Diablos simply expands its territory and looks for the next best patch of cacti. But the Diablos isn’t the only creature contributing to decreased cacti growth. The carrier ants of the Wildspire Waste feed on the cacti’s nutrients and it causes the cacti to wither. Diablos is completely unaware of the carrier ants too, so Diablos will keep expanding its territory until the ants are noticed and taken care of. And since Diablos have poor eyesight, they likely won’t notice for a long time. In the period of time that Diablos is unaware of the ants, other monsters will be driven out by Diablos.

And before you know it, the Wildspire Waste is infested with Diablos. This wyvern could destroy an ecosystem and it would probably just be an accident. And one probably has before. Fellow hunters, do the New World a favor and hunt these monsters into extinction before they try to expand their territory anymore.

I had some fun writing this and I really look forward to writing another on a different monster. Also, all the info was sourced from the Monster Hunter World The Official Complete Works book, if you're wondering.


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