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Can’t load my saved data with 500+ gameplay

Content of the article: "Can’t load my saved data with 500+ gameplay"

Hi, I don't usually need help since I could google it, but it seems this problem is rare and I couldn't find any forums similar to my problem.

Before we get to the problem, I first bought a physical copy of the game pre-iceborne back in 2019. Since it was a whole new world for me, I started the game with excitement and awe. I'm new to the series btw, I didn't play any previews mh. But I gave it a go. Around 50+ hours in, there's this update that prompted me to download called "massive expansion" known as the Iceborne, so I downloaded it, I thought it was a cool freebie that is worth downloading because it was 40gb. But it wasn't, anyway around 400 hrs in, I started to git gud until last year of december, my data was corrupted and the game downgraded itself to ver. 1.00 and I couldn't play the game anymore because of the dreaded "can't load saved data" My heart was broken, but I still had my saved data on my ps4, so I stored it to my usb, hoping it could be restored. I literally tried everything to get it back to no avail.

Now to the problem…

This year, my gf bought me mhw masters edition, so I thought "this could work" by getting the saved file over. But the same problem occured, so I created a new character and started again. Now I just finished updating the game to ver. 15.11 and I saved my 38 hrs to my usb and did a little experiment to which my stupid ass deleted the saved file and copied the file from the usb just to see if I could restore it. And to my disappointment, the dreaded "can't load saved data" came back and I thought, so if I can't save the data from the usb to restore my lost file, this is all pointless then. Unless I need to do something, but I don't know what. So, to my fellow hunters, is there a way for me to restore my saved files back? Any help will be appreciated, thank you 🙂

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Ps: I don't have psn so I can't save my files to cloud as I don't have much money to get one.

Tl;dr The dreaded "can't load save data" ruined my game because I thought I could restore it from the usb which I deleted the file from the ps4.


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