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Caveman’s Guide to Black Dragon (Fatalis)

Content of the article: "Caveman’s Guide to Black Dragon (Fatalis)"


Hey, you guy. Am you have trouble hurting black dragon to death for collect skulls? Me also have hard time 5 moons ago, but me am gain smarts now. Me write you guide.


You attack during him attack. Black dragon have many attack, big strong ouchie move. However black dragon am not recover much after most attack. TERROR! Him attack again right away. You need master hit him during attack instead. If you know attack "box of hitting" and "head position" you can clobber black dragon in face during many the attack, such as long sweeping fire breath where he can crawl slowly forward or backward. This am important tip, do not fear black dragon.


Stay close to the black dragon! Him much more danger at "mid-range" and "long-range". Some big bam boom boom attack like three in a row charged fireball am big threat at far away… but he miss you if you stay real close. You also am not deal damage if too far, so this be bad idea. Fellow caveman call this "optimal positioning", whatever that mean. If knocked far away then in scare danger, try use caveman claw to grab onto black dragon and get close real fasts. This sometimes save caveman life from sweeping fire attacks.


Focus black dragon head when he stop move. Me think this obvious but me wrong, see many fellow caveman hit body or even tail… very small caveman brain. Black dragon head biggest weakpoint for melee weapons, important for skull collecting, and need to break two time for weaken black dragon strongest attacks. Him make ouch blue fire, ouch hot. Need break head as fast as can for prevent this.

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Knock down black dragon to get time for good attacks. Caveman find strange "rock thrower" which shoot big rocks that explode. These type things do special ouchie to black dragon. If do enough, he fall over for large time. Fellow caveman talk of "Heavy Artillery" skill which can double this special explody rock damage. This am great idea, always someguy should use. Me also find "Binder" which can shoot at black dragon to make not move. There am NO REAL BENEFIT to waiting to use this "Binder", except to not use while black dragon is not red eye angry. If yellow eye, you slam head into wall to hurt brain. Then when red eye angry, you shoot ropey ropes to stop him from move. This let you guys do many attacks to head. Do these fast as can, because break head to weaken strong fire important before "phase 3", whatever that mean. Other way to get knock down include climb on top of black dragon, and make sick with "status like paralysis"-strange magic some caveman use.


All caveman need practice. Do many hunts and fail not same as practice. Pay more attention to what doing. Not call black dragon attack "bullshit", instead look fellow caveman and see how they not get hit. Do all hunt with goal of learn something new. Caveman respect pursuit of knowledge, this become hunting skill. Caveman learn to master English language in order to construct thesis on strategy and tactics for optimal success hunting the God of Monsters. OOOG!

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