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Charge Blade Hidden Meta – Why Tigrex CB cannot be overlooked

Video form and a Diablos speedrun in 3'19 to showcase the set:

Hello people, long post ahead (tl dr at the bottom)

I would like to discuss a weapon that's being overlooked by a lot of CB mains, Tigrex CB. I have heard a lot of opinions and the general consensus is that "It is a good CB, but it cannot beat Jang or Narga in their respective strengths". Good Axe damage but poor phial damage so is inferior to Jang on SAED spam, and good Savage Axe damage but poor sharpness so it's inferior to Narga on Savage Axe.

My friend u/Cope_Machine and I also overlooked Tigrex CB when the update landed, but once we started doing the math we came to a conclusion. This weapon has insane potential for Savage Axe.

This is the set used:

With this, and every buff applied, Tigrex CB reaches an EFR of 528.52, making it pack a good punch. But how does Narga CB compares?

This is the Narga Meta set:

Natural 40% affinity makes it easy to reach 100% affinity, and it synergizes well with Masters Touch. This CB is consistent and deals a ton of damage. With every buff, the EFR is 534.07

Narga is stronger than Tigrex, after all, 534.07 > 528.52. Not to mention Narga doesn't have to deal with the sharpness issue because it has master's touch. Then how is it that it has insane potential for Savage Axe?

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The answer is the Cat

The first fighter ability of the Cat, Roasing Roar, gives the hunter small earplugs and an insane amount of 30% affinity. This lasts for an equally insane amount of 2 minutes and 30 seconds. For CB mains it was an overlooked ability because Narga CB capped affinity without it. But for Tigrex CB, which can only get 75% affinity (without sacrificing more efr cause affinity augment sucks in comparison to Attack augment), this free 30% affinity makes a night and day difference.

With Roasing Roar active, Tigrex CB reaches an EFR of 569.18. But this is still conditional, and Tigrex CB still has the issue of sharpness. So we need to calculate the % of time = t Roasing roar needs to be active for Tigrex CB to be "stronger" than Narga (stronger in quotes cause we still have the sharpness issue).

So, we need to find the cutoff where Narga and Tigrex are equal when Roasting Roar is active:


Solve for t to find the percentage of time roasing roar has to be active in a run for Tigrex and Narga to be equal.






Tigrex CB is as strong as Narga CB when Roasing Roar is active for at least 13.69% of the duration of the fight. The more time Roasing is active, the stronger Tigrex becomes compared to Narga.

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13.69% of time from a buff that lasts 2'30 minutes is easy to achieve and makes Tigrex CB competitive.

The only issue left is sharpness. Using masters touch wouldn't be reliable because of the randomness of rousing, and Tigrex CB cannot take more handicraft. What can be done is Protective Polish. With 2 levels of the skill it lasts for 60 seconds, or you can fit in 3 if you are willing to lose 1 level of crit eye and dropping to 65% affinity.

There are plenty of sharpening windows, at the start of the fight, when the monster is put to sleep, before mounting a monster, during time-wasting attacks, and during transitions. In my Diablos run that I posted above the only reason I dropped to blue is that I only used 1 level of Polish (my charm is shit).

So, is Tigrex worth it?

My opinion as a runner is that Tigrex is worth the hassle, after all, 13.69% of the run that Roasing needs to be active is easy to achieve, you can even use the felvine so that the palicope uses the gadgets more often, and white is easy to maintain thanks to all the windows we have to sharpen.

That would be all, just wanted to share what my friend and I found. He did all the math so if you guys have issues regarding it I will ask him so he can explain, I don't even know what a cut-off is (should have taken extra math classes instead of playing vidya).

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See you guys!


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