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Charge Blade Playstyles?

I've been playing Charge Blade. For background, I played Hammer first in tri, then in 3U switched over also to Greatsword. I picked up CB for part of 4, and never played World. I'm back on charge blade now because it looks fun, and Greatsword is too complicated (I know).

I feel like the switch skills for CB result in an enormous diversity of playstyles, and so I'm asking if any of them are *obviously* better than others, or what people prefer, in case there's a tactic I haven't tried.

Because of the neutral hitzone damage, I've mostly picked up Condensed Elemental Slash in HR. The ability to very precisely apply damage to specific enemy spots, especially things like claws, feels to me like a good use of the skills, although having seen a few videos, it feels pretty obvious to me that the gunlance does a better job at that, not that I can rely on one being around.

Axe hopper not only allows me MUCH greater accuracy for SAED's (Both to actually hit, and to hit somewhere important), but because it gives me a lot of airtime, it gives Charge Blade a particular niche: Really really good at breaking high points of enemy bodies. Using the regular aerial amped discharge I can target 120 damage onto a high-up part like a back, and do it pretty frequently too. This helps with particularly high up tails or parts, like Kushala tail or Chameleos head or something.

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But I've seen a lot of people talking about Condensed Spinning Slash (Savage Axe in World, which, again, didn't play). I don't really use condensed elemental slash unless I'm really homing in on the claws towards the end of a hunt, but CSS feels clunky: It builds up phial damage, and I assume you're using discharge 1 and 2, because the effect ends if you go back into SnS mode, which means axe hopper works against it, but CPP charges the phials, which CSS already charges! It feels like it doesn't really fit together fluidly, and I don't know if I should just push through, or if I'm missing something.

What switch skills do *you* like? What's your preferred playstyle with CB?


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