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ChargeBlade shouldn’t be considered as a beginner trap and here’s why

Content of the article: "ChargeBlade shouldn’t be considered as a beginner trap and here’s why"

So, this post isn't going to be about late game meta, but more about early game meta, especially for new players. I won't be surprising anyone by saying that charge blade is often seen by the community as THE weapon with the most complex moveset/utilisation. By consequence, probably everyone can say they've seen charge blade being dissuaded from being used by beginners. Since a lot of people will be getting into Rise from release and that A BIG margin of new players are getting into world, I'd want to address this issue since, from quite a few exemples I've witnessed, Charge blade is a formiddable weapon to start with but a lot of beginners shy away from it due to avoiding the weapon based on other players' advice.

The biggest argument AGAINST Charge blade being used by inexperienced hunters is the complexity of the moveset and, more particularly, the phial system. Simply put, the dynamic of having a part of your stronger moveset hidden behind a mechanic who relies on even more moves seems intimidating when you don't know the proper inputs… but honestly, the minimal thing to do is avoid overcharging, which is something that is VERY intuisive and that most players will pick up within minutes. Honestly, especially in early game, you don't NEED to know the bigger moves of Charge blade to be efficient, be it SAED, AED or even Shield charging (sword charging too, in case of World and Rise). Just like how you can have an excellent time with the early game with other weapons by using only the BASICS of the other weapons (not using TCS on GreatSword, not properly using ammo types of gunlance, only using axe of switch axe and so on…) Charge Blade and do marvels.

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This also brings me to the next point, which is the fact that Charge Blade brings EVERYTHING a beginner might want from a weapon, due to being the absolute jack of all trades of weapons. Be it damage output, a wide array of fast light AND slow heavy attacks, defense, range, mobility or even easy tumbles, the Charge Blade is the only weapon who brings all of these in a single package early on, even more than longsword, the otherwise go-to beginner weapon. Hell, Charge Blade is also one of the few weapons who will be efficient (to an extent) no matter the particular one built, which is something seen quite often limiting new players who just build any weapon and use them because they can. Also, in EVERY game (or at least, those I'm aware of), the Rathian Charge Blade is availlable veeeery early, while close to NEVER being a bad choice for early to mid game to even late game as a weapon.

Another interesting fact I've seen with players starting of with charge blade is that they'll almost never get demotivated from playing the game. Why? Because every hidden facet of the weapon that you are using that you discover with experience is sincerely one of the most motivating aspect of the game. If we compare it to, say, GreatSword, a new player will very quickly loop around the entirety of the weapon and there won't be much to learn. While this might not be an issue for some, having growth room is an excellent player retainer and often motivates you to go on until late game and, in Charge blade's case, you'll have no worry of hitting a skill ceiling whatsoever.

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Charge Blade is an EXCELLENT weapon for beginners, and you shouldn't shy away from recommending it because:

1- You don't NEED to know the entirety of the weapon to start with it

2- Charge Blade almost NEVER performs badly in most situations

3- The jack of all trade nature of the weapon brings everything a beginner needs

4- Early built charge blades are never really bad to use in the time they are built

5- The near unexisting skill ceiling of the weapon will often keep new players always coming to learn more


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