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clearing up some misconceptions about elemental SnS

Hi i'm the creator of this guide for the MHGH discord. I've seen a lot of talk on here saying that elemental SnS either has too many sharpness issues or doesn't beat raw SnS at all, and just wanted to show some math clearing this up.

Firstly, lemme go over some stats and assumptions used.

I use a statistic that i call "elemental effectiveness ratios" or EER. If you calculate the difference in effective pre-hitzone raw dps between an elemental set and the optimal raw set you can then divide the pre-hitzone effective elemental dps by that number. If you multiply that number by the respective elemental hitzone of the monster, it will give you the number that the raw hitzone has to be more than for raw to be more effective on that monster.

Say I have an elemental set with an EER of 3. if a monster has elemental hitzone of 20 for that element, then for the optimal raw set to beat the elemental set for dps on that hitzone the monster must have a raw hitzone greater than 20 x 3 = 60.

For the dps calculations I use the slash combo loop. While raw SnS doesn't use this combo, the bash combo has less DPS, thus I assume that the bash combo makes up for its lower DPS via its non-damaging advantages (sharpness management, which i factor in through assuming narg sns never leaves white, and stun, which I can't reasonably factor in). the slash combo loop has total raw MV of 87, a total elemental MV of 4, and takes dead on 2 seconds to complete, giving it MV/s values of 43.5 and 2 for raw and elemental respectively.

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All elemental SnS calculations make the assumption of 60 hits between sharpens, so all calculations account for at least some usage of blue sharpness even with SnS' that reach white.

I think a big part of why this misconception came about is because the first guide recommended razor sharp over handicraft. at present razor sharp simply is less efficient, and often less effective to slot in as:

  • the commonly used utsushi(H)/channelers helm gives no primary skills besides razor sharp and the only razor sharp 1 piece in the game takes up the very high value legs slot and can only fit a single point of another primary skill with its level 3 slot. in comparison the 2 handicraft piece can also has a level 2 slot and the 1 handicraft pieces fit attack boost and fill the lower value chest and head slots.

  • our best thunder, fire, and dragon SnS' have 50 units of blue or less, meaning you need 3 levels of razor sharp to beat even 2 handicraft for the raw amount of sharpness you get.

  • our thunder, dragon and water SnS' reach white sharpness at handicraft levels 2, 2, and 1 respectively, making handicraft an actual damage boost as well, which razor sharp is not.

lastly, these Eraw numbers assume dango booster is proccing, you have power charm/talon, and drank a demondrug with no spiribirds.

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now, onto the actual math

for a 1 wex, no other skills/slots charm

Set Eraw Eele Raw dps Ele dps EER
Raw 419.9 N/A 182.7 N/A N/A
Fire 370.9 37.2 161.4 74.4 3.49
Thunder 369.7 36.0 160.8 72.1 3.30
Water 375.0 26.6 163.1 53.1 2.72
Dragon 353.6 42.6 153.8 85.2 2.95

for a 2 wex, no other skills/slots charm

Set Eraw Eele Raw dps Ele dps EER
Raw 426.9 N/A 185.7 N/A N/A
Fire 375.1 40.4 163.2 80.8 3.59
Thunder 377.9 39.3 164.4 78.6 3.69
Water 383.0 28.8 166.6 57.5 3.02
Dragon 357.5 45.4 155.5 90.8 3.01

This is for non-speedrunner play. once you start needing more sharpness as you don't have mandatory downtime to sharpen due to no monster area transitions, and are popping the maximum flat raw item buffs, this doesn't apply and raw becomes pretty much the defacto build for most matchups.


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