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Code: Red is a fitting name for this horrible ass-beating I’ve suffered

Incidentally, the game seemed to really like playing Taste the Blood as the background music, which I certainly was doing (and, in fact, is one of my shoutouts – "I think I taste blood…", for when I get stunned).

Let's go down the list:

Anjanath: Anjanath is still Anjanath, he's a piece of shit and always will be, and I will never enjoy fighting him. That said, I can safely solo him with only mild difficulty at this stage, and that difficulty comes in the form of his hitboxes being wack so I get hit by shit I blatantly was nowhere near.

Also he ran me into a wall and wombo'd me to death, thank god for free Vigorwasp revive.

And, uh, game? In no universe does Anjanath deserve to have Lock and Load as his battle music. He is nowhere near cool enough for that.

Odogaron: Lesson learned, do not fight Odo with a Charge Blade, that's just a bad time all around. So I swapped to Dual Blades instead, and it went a little better. He still ripped my skin off, which contributed to a lot of the blood tasting going on, but other than that, I had to grind this fucker for his armor, damn it, I'm not dying to him in the fucking arena.

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Rathalos: …Remains King Shit of Trash Mountain. Seriously, I don't know why Capcom keep shoving him into MH games, outside of a few rare instances of his fight being done well (and that's primarily his subspecies), this monster is awful. There's a reason why I shoot SOS flares and let a gank squad beat his ass, it's because he doesn't deserve to be fought fairly. Even Anjanath gets more respect from me on that front.

And don't get me wrong: I have solo'd Rathalos. I can certainly do it. I choose not to.

…Partially because poison and fire are a bitch of a combo to get hit by. 23 Fire Resistance did little to mitigate the third degree burns I kept suffering, while also puking up my lungs from all the arsenic pumping through my veins. I only have so many gems, and none of them are poison resistance, it's awful.

Teostra: "To take me out, you must fight like a man" WHAT DO YOU THINK I'M TRYING TO DO?!

Yeah, so Teo is still pretty rough. Oddly, I do better with a Charge Blade against him than I did with Dual Blades, which is fine because I'm more than happy to hide behind my shield when he starts exploding, I don't want none of that.

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Even with three (3) SOS responders helping me, Teo damn near ran me out of Mega Potions, and very nearly killed me outright when I had to stop and sharpen my weapon, and he proceeded to headbutt me right into an explosive puddle that was on the verge of exploding. I really don't know why he didn't just triple-tap me, I was stunned and everything.

So I have to do this quest at least five times to get all the Red Orbs I need, huh? Well. This is gonna suck. But Dante's gear is kinda really good, so I can't justify not going for it.

If anybody could loan me some pillows for my poor ass, I would be much grateful.


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