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Collective MH4U rage post

For the last few days I've picked back up MH4U and now I remember why I put it down for so long. There's so much bullshit in this game thats unbelievably frustrating. First off, my encounter with Molten Tigrex. Cool concept, horrible fight. He's much bigger than normal Tigrex, making it impossible to dodge his running attacks if he decides to go 0-60 right in your face. So ok, I guard point with my charge blade. But then he turns around and comes running back. I don't have enough stamina to block again and can't dodge. Great I'll just take a hit that takes a fourth of my HP. A lot of the fight was trying to stay just out of range then punishing, but punishing his run is damn near impossible, so when I finally did damage to him, I was almost always at risk. When I finally beat him it was such a relief, only to realize that I didn't get all the parts I needed for my seregios Great Sword upgrade. No way in hell I'm fighting him again anytime soon so that great sword is not getting upgraded

Next monster was golden rathian and holy shit this guy is the fucking worst. He has like 4 attacks, most are get off me attacks like his tail spin, running, or going up into the air. The only time he's really vulnerable is when he's shooting fireballs, but no don't commit to a strong attack during this because 50% of the time he'll do his big tail spin that you cannot avoid. Also his wind pressure is fucking annoying. This happened so many times – roar-flying which wind pressures-tail spin. I was fucking screaming at my DS because of this cocksucker.

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Oh yeah can we talk about wind pressure in this game? It's WAY overdone. Anytime a monster does anything that is any sort of a big movement, you get stuck in wind pressure for a couple of seconds. It essentially serves as a way to combo you using a move that you basically can't avoid if you're trying to hit the monster. Frenzied rathalos did this to me a number of times. Also he kept fucking flying so I couldn't get rid of my fucking frenzy, GAHH, fuck.

Last monster this time I swear. Fatalis has never been a "good" monster. He's always kind of an endgame challenge that has a bunch of health and is just generally stupid. In MH4U he's no different. Crimson fatalis can be fought in the caravan which is pretty cool, but at the same time it took 25 painstaking minutes of sitting at his chest doing as many strong charges as I can, hoping he doesn't do 1 of the 2 moves that can hit me. It was a slog. At least Iceborne's fatalis was intense because of the amount of crack he did before the fight causing him to have no endlag. 4U's fatalis is just hitting one spot enough times and hoping not to run out of potions.

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Jesus I had a lot I needed to get out. It's insane that people say older games, specifically 4U, are less BS than world iceborne. I find it way more frustrating and stupid in certain areas. So much so that it's really hard to keep playing at some points. Whatever, these are the pains of a Monster Hunter fan


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