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Comparing frostfang barioth to all the other tier 3 monster, hp wise.

Content of the article: "Comparing frostfang barioth to all the other tier 3 monster, hp wise."

(before anyone comments, frostfang is a tier 3 monster, as seen here)

Many people feel like frostfang dies way to fast, let's compare him to the other tier threes to see if his health pool is actually unusually small or if its all a post Alatreon rosy retrospection on the base games rosters tankyness.

All monsters below are tempered and have no multiplayer scaling.

Teostra: 31,820 hp

Lunastra: 31,820 hp

Blackveil Vaal Hazak: 31,810 hp

Namielle: 29,600 hp

Ruiner nergigante: 27,680 hp

Gold rathian: 22,200 hp

Silver Rathalos: 22,200 hp

Kushala daora: 29,452 hp

Velkhana: 26,640 hp

Seething Bazelgeuse: 29,600 hp

Savage Deviljho: 26,640 hp

Stygian zinogre: 22,200 hp

Rajang: 19,980 hp

And finally:

Frostfang barioth: 22,220 hp

For comparison's shake, I'll also add the three most recent monsters.

Raging brachydios: 28,120 hp

Furious Rajang: 21,090 hp

Alatreon: 52,500 hp

As you can see, frostfang barioth ties with the metal raths and Stygian zinogre as the tier 3 tempered monsters with the second lowest hp, just above Rajang. I can understand why those monsters have comparatively lower hp than other, it's because off their inherent mechanics (metal raths head needs to be broken to deal any good damage to them and they fly so they can waste a lot of time, Stygian zinogre has his supercharged mode where you deal less damage). However, frostfang barioth is a very in your face monster with his good hitzones always available (heck, his head is a better hitzone than the broken head of a gold rathian) so it doesn't make sense why his health is so low. His health probably was balanced like he was the coked out normal version even though his moves really reduce his jumping around quite significantly. In my opinion he needed to around savage Deviljho health.

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Edit: I've been informed that frostfang is actually tier 2 so this entire point is moot, I'm leaving this post up though for anyone who wants to compare the hp values of different monsters without opening a ton of tabs.


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