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Consensus on lance switch skills and sets?

I feel like there is going to be a big divergence for the lance meta between the "casual" (non speed runner basically) and speed runner sets this time around. This comes down to insta block, and how much guard to use. I'm not sure what the skill level break point is going to be, but I think most lance players are going to prefer guard 1 to 3 plus regular block versus insta block for now. Of course every speed run WR for lance will probably be with 0 guard and insta block though. Iceborne had a bit of divergence for casual and speedrun builds but this will likely be a bigger divide. Personally, I prefer block with guard 3 right now.

Shield charge and spiral thrust are a different story though. These two pretty much come together, as spiral charge will offset the mid to long range mobility loss from losing regur charge, letting you keep a similar mobility level while giving you the extra offensive options from shield charge. I switched to this combo and I am definitely liking it, especially being able to ko monsters with shield charge.

Anchor rage I hated quite a bit. Something about the counter attack angle and timing kept making me miss counters. I think it might be too slow and lack enough reach to regularly hit the part you want to hit. Feels a lot worse than the power guard counter. Also Lance just feels like it has way too many counter attacks now it's getting rediculous and unintuitive, anchor rage and insta block being the tipping point for me. Spiral thrust also has the extra benefit of being able to do mount damage on damage without needing to counter anything, and man anchor rage is just a huge mobility loss in comparison to it, and possibly dps loss if you arent consistently countering things. On the other hand, some speed runners seem to be using anchor rage, but not on every monster.

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As far as sets go, it looks like Diablos spear is shaping up to be the meta lance, with the narg lance in close second. They will likely require different sets, with Diablos favoring attack and the narg lance crit boost.

Offensive guard 3 will probably be standard for all sets. Only time it might not be worth it is of you are in a 4 person hunt and having trouble getting a monster to target you. 2 player and sp definitely worth it though. You can slap ghillie scroll on palamutes now, and diversion on yourself to get yourself targeted more.

Guard is probably going to be a personal preference utility skill this time around. Speedrunners won't be using this at all. Casual players will probably stick to either 3 or 5, the regular sweet spots for reducing knockback. 3 will probably be good enough until G rank for most monsters imo, with the exception of heavy hitters like narwa and rajang.

Guard up looks like it might not be worth it this time around for the most part, except in certain situations. Narwa seems the be the only monster that regularly uses normally unlockable attacks. I guess besarios does too, but his are easy to avoid. I can perhaps see this becoming more useful in G rank or something maybe. I am really curious about what the consensus on guard up will be in the future, once the dust settles. In any case, it is extremely expensive in rise now compared to world.

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Speed sharpening 3 will be standard since it's the only useful thing to slap onto your 1 slots. Diversion and flinch free fall in the same category.

ab, ce, wex, cb. Probably the same story for lance as the other weapons. wex3 is probably the best for lance since lance has an easy time hitting weak points, although lance's newer moves are kind of unwieldly. Skalda waist and wex charm would provide this. Ab4 seems to be the next priority. With the narg lance, cb2 comes next with the rajang pants, but blos spear will probably prefer ab6/7 and maybe ce2 with the ingot boots.

Barroth helm s seems very common in most sets. Diablos chest for those that want guard. Mangnamolo gloves provide handicraft 2 which I think you need with Diablos spear.

Rathalos gloves and anjananth waist seem good for attack.

I am curious what everyone else is thinking.


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