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CSS Charge Blade is just a worse Switch Axe

Before I get my ass blasted, take note that I love CB. What I don't love is how it gets fucked with every new game release. They nailed it with 4U but it's been downhill ever since.

SA and CB share the philosophy of having a weaker but more mobile mode that gathers/gains resources that are expended in the slower but more powerful mode. Whereas SA is more of a berserker weapon that relies more on dodging and positioning to avoid damage, CB is all about countering attacks. The way CB is handled in Rise is a big (and unwanted) departure from previous iterations.

Condensed spinning slash is pretty cool… is what I would say if it wasn't so goddamn clunky. Why oh why does it go away when you morph or sheathe? Yes, CPP makes it easy to go back but that's a band-aid solution for a problem that shouldn't even exist. Now we're stuck in axe mode playing a significantly worse version of the SA playstyle. SA works because it has morph attacks that allow for repositioning and going back to the mobile axe mode. Bonus point, you don't pay a tax to morph back to sword mode. In fact, you're rewarded for ya know, switching with the switch axe. CB has… counter peak performance and counter morph slash, both of which remove CSS. And don't even get me started on SAED spam. Not only is it weaker (smaller phial hitboxes, nerfed mvs) guard pointing (and guarding in general) sucks ass. Even with full guard, there are still attacks that give heavy knockback. Come on Capcom, do you want us to spam SAED or play exclusively in axe mode because both playstyles are not enjoyable in their current states.

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What pisses me off is that with a few small changes, Rise CB would actually be a pretty good iteration of the weapon. First off, remove CPP and buff axe mvs to their iceborne values. Secondly, reduce the knockback that monsters give us. I know Capcom is reeling from HBG with a shield being absurdly safe but that doesn't mean Lance, Gunlance, and Charge Blade have to suffer with useless shields. Third, for the love of god, let CSS persist between modes. You give us all these new tools like rapid morph and morphing advance that make switching between modes a cinch and piss all over that progress. Think about how goddamn satisfying it would be to KO a monster from a counter AED then close the gap with morphing advance into ED2? Well you could do that, it would just deal piss poor damage.

All in all CB suffers from schizophrenic design choices. They give CMS but overshadow it with CPP. They give a mode to make axe mode strong in exchange for completely ruining the flow of the weapon. Morphing advance is cool except it's relegated to repositioning instead of insane combo potential.


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