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Since I've seen nobody talk about the changes to DB similar to the LS, I figured I'd post some observations I had about DB from the TGS footage.

In general, DB follows the base moveset established in World, so I'll specifically point out differences to World's DB mechanics.

  • 12:16 Draw attack/run-in slash without demon mode was changed. Still hits 4 times though, but the animation is more like the spin to win now.
  • 12:31 Deactivating Demon Mode manually now has a hitbox that hurts the monster. The animation for deactivating demon mode already was a slicing motion with the DB, so it actually being able to hurt the monster now is nice, though ultimately it will not change much probably.
  • 13:01 Roar stun now cancels demon mode again. In World, demon mode would stay active, which I personally disliked, since it'd drain your stamina during the roar stun, making it harder to dodge after recovering. As seen later, getting sent flying also cancels it, as does tremor. This basically reverts Demon Mode activation to its behaviour prior to World.
  • 13:07 Archdemon mode gets demon dashes again. World for some weird reason removed them from Archdemon mode.
  • 13:24 New wirebug move: The hunter throws a kunai attached to the wirebug onto a monster's part. While attacking, the kunai does damage for each hit as well, and after a while, it will detach, dealing a large amount of damage.
  • 13:44 By getting hit during the first few frames when throwing the wirebug forward, the hunter performs the Adept Evade from MHGen to counter the attack.
  • 14:44 There appears to be a new Archdemon Blade Dance. Based on how the Archdemon gauge gets depleted, it looks like it consists of 3 parts, and you can cancel at the end of each part (at the timestamp, the hunter only did 2 parts)
  • 15:28 The full version of the aforementioned new Archdemon Blade dance. The final 3rd part is the same as the Archdemon Blade Dance that we currently have.
  • 17:50 The hunter performs what appears to be a new attack that allows you to turn around. Appears to be pretty useful when you overshot the monster with the spin to win.
  • Bonus: In the announcement trailer, at 1:42, DB performs the Aerial style demon dodge and vault from MHGen, and then combos into Heavenly Blade Dance.
Read:  Capcom, thank you!

And that's all that I could spot. I hope I didn't mess up any timestamps.


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