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Does elemental damage calculation really have to be so esoteric?

It's been like this for ages, and all the devs' attempts to put elemental damage on par with raw have fallen short. But… why not just make it work exactly like raw damage? The raw damage output between slow and fast weapons is relatively well balanced, and instantly intuitive: one big hit vs lots of small hits, which more or less evens out over a hunt.

What's stopping elemental damage from using the same damage formulas? Why does it need to be calculated in that weird, almost flat-rate way that privileges fast weapons? This may seem like a small gripe, but it's a problem with the game design when there's a clearly advertised elemental rock-paper-scissors mechanic… yet half the weapon types outright benefit far more by completely ignoring it, the rest of the weapon types still get by more than fine without it, and nowhere in the game is this explained to you.

Someone who just plays the game without looking up tutorials online might never twig that making five separate Great Swords to target each monster's elemental weakness is literally counterproductive. And how could they be blamed for that, when the natural assumption would be that you'll be rewarded for interacting with a game mechanic? Who would guess that this entire subsection of the game is just a red herring for certain weapon types?

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On a related note, why does elemental damage need a special skill in order to benefit from critical hits? Why do most of the damage boosting skills only play with raw attack, including Critical Boost which doesn't apply to Critical Element? Why does there even need to be an elemental cap? All of that just further privileges the raw damage meta, despite the latest attempts to rebalance elemental damage.

It's got to the point where the devs felt the need to outright force the issue with Alatreon's elemental DPS check, and even the people who don't dislike the mechanic must surely acknowledge that it's not a real solution to the supremacy of raw damage.


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