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Doing alatreon with randos is basically a suicide

Content of the article: "Doing alatreon with randos is basically a suicide"

I can solo Alatreon and while i am not at speedrunner level i can do it pretty well without much troubles, so i thought i might help other hunters killing/farming him, and JESUS, what a shitshow, i never got past the first escaton in multiplayer, now, if it's the assigment one, failing is understandable, it might be the first try and people joining have no clue on how Alatreon works, the REAL problem comes down to the event one, when i join Dawn of the death star/The evening star i expect people to know how to deal with him, since you are supposed to have already defeated him atleast once, what i get instead? the guy who use a fire weapon…WHEN HE STARTS IN FIRE MODE!!! The excuse "i didn't know in which form starts" is bullshit. Maybe when you are at the camp at the beginning of the quest and you see a blazing inferno around you, you can deduce that MAYBE he is using fire (vice versa for the ice, but i have no analogies to describe the enviroment) , so take that 20 seconds to change weapon. Then there are the gunners who use whatever ammo they have EXCEPT the elemental ones and the icing on the cake is that everyone is running around like an idiot , so Alatreon keeps hopping between targets charging at them, leaving no opening to consistently deal damage, thus, not being able to get a topple and reducing escaton power and don't get me started on breaking the horns, i'm (most of the time) the only asshole who goes for the head in dragon mode.

Read more:  I think one of the biggest reasons Alatreon received such a mixed reception is actually a flaw that the entire series has had since the first game.

I expected that after five months people know how to fight Alatreon, i instead saw way better results doing fatalis, he is barely one month old and people seems to know how to deal with him way better (in my multiplayer experience).

Personally i really like Alatreon, doing him solo is a great fight, but in multiplayer with a uncoordinated group is asking for a failure ( to be fair, the last statement can be extended to other monsters, but with Alatreon is a complete disaster)


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