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Easy & Fast Melding Material Farming Using Scale Lizards! (390-450pts in 1-2 minutes)

Hey Hunters! I came across an effective method to farming monster parts in Monster Hunter Rise using the scale lizards in the Lava Caverns map! Using this method you can earn anywhere from 390 – 450 pts (2-3 talismans worth) in monster parts in less than a minute and a half.

Requirements: HR40+ and Dango Tickets

Initial Preparation:
1. Go to the Argosy and buy 99 Raw Meats for 6,000 Kamara points
2. Go cook those 99 Raw meats using Motley Mix, collect the Well-Done Steaks and then talk to Yomogi and you'll receive 44-45 Dango Tickets.
3. Create and register a Dango set that includes Dango Summoner. The other two Dangos are up to you. Dango Summoner guarantees that the scale lizards will spawn every time.

Here's a video of this method in action as it's easier to show:

From what I've noticed, the scale lizards will carry parts for whatever the quest monster(s) are, every time. There are two scale lizards in Lava Caverns (that I know of, it there are more please do share!) that can be accessed with ease using base camp 1 and base camp 2. With those two things in mind, the best quest to do this with is Teostra's since his parts are worth the most out of the Lava Cavern monsters. You're guaranteed three drops from each lizard if you hit them with your weapon or throwing kunai. Each drop will either be 65 or 75 points in materials, hence the 390-450 point range. Materials you can get include Teostra Carapace, Fire Dragon Scale+, Teostra Powder, and Teostra Mane.

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You can get 50 talismans worth of material in 25-30 minutes. I'm not familiar with whether rampage rewards would be better points for your time as I don't do them often and I'm not great at speedrunning the current endgame monsters so I personally like this method for quick melding points.

No armor skills are needed for this. I do however use Evade Extender level 3 as it helps with mobility but it isn't required.

While the focus of this method is to farm melding material, you can also use this to collect a little ore to sell, Kamara points and even some armor spheres!

– The second scale lizard is located near two mining nodes. You can collect 7 ores total if you have geologist level 3 equipped. A small amount of ore yes but it'll add up over time.

– There is a boulder lizard on the way to the second scale lizard. You can hit it three times and it can give you hard/heavy armor spheres if you're in need of those, also Firestone Cells which sell for a lot.

– If you need Kamara points, you can mine the spot right by base camp 2 and earn up to 210-750pts worth. I recommend adding the daily special to your Dango set and doing this farming method when the Dango Calculator skill is available to earn an extra 20% if you want. Sometimes Teostra will drop a Dragon Treasure down below for another 800 pts in the lava area, you could pick that up for more, it may even be another monster part too.

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– You can't get Teostra gems from the scale lizards sadly.

– In addition to this method you can grab the puppet spider near the first lizard and use it to Wyvern ride amongst the monsters for even more shiny drops!

Hope this is of interest to some of you. Happy hunting…lizards haha!


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