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Elemental SnS vs Raw SnS

So, this isnt gonna be an exact Calculation of this, i dont have the skills and time to do that…these are just some findings and thoughts that you guys here might be able to help me out on. TLDR at the Bottom

So my first thought was Crit Element might be worth it, with how easy it is to het with the remobra waist…

No…i dont think Crit Element is gonna be worth it at all…the Stuff you invest in Crit Element could also he used for about the same amount of Attack Boost, and that is definitely gonna beat Crit Element here. (3CritElement give 15% Dmg on Crit, only to the elemental part, 3 (more) Attack Boost give you around 5% Damage to everything except your Elemental Part)

So now my thought was just use a general build that would work for Raw, and then use a good elemental weapon since LvL1 Slots are basically useless except Elemental Attack…

So my build would be

Zinogre Helm S

Zinogre Mail S

Rathalos Braces S

Anjanath Coil S

Golden Hakama(Rajang)

With a Talisman with Weakness Exploit and a Lvl 2 Slot that would give you

WE3 CB2 Latent Power3 Attack Boost7

And then 6 Lvl 1 Slots

These Lvl 1 Slots could then be used for Element Attack 5 and Flinch Free 1 or less Elemental Attack but Speed Sharpening if you want to

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And this is probably not going to outperform Raw in every Element and Matchup, but i feel like it has a good Chance in some… Especially Water and Thunder (maybe Fire) seem like they could be better than Raw on the right matchup, with the Mizu and Zinogre SnS (and maybe Rathalos? Or even Anjanath maybe but idk with the Negative Affinity)

So now my question is do you guys have any ideas how to optimize this further? Maybe someone could even help me with the Calculations on how much Element is actually worth here, but i think that will be really hard on SnS because you would need to know how much is done with the Sword and How much with the Shield(since Shield does no Elemental Damage)

I would really appreciate any input on this, I might try to get the EFR for these and some Raw Options later and would then just write Element next to it since i have no idea how to include it

Edit: EFR for some SnS(Elements without the ElementalAtkUp)

Diablos with 365

Nargacuga with 351

Rathian with 350 and 24 Poison

Zinogre with 324 and 27 Thunder

Mizutsune with 322 and 19 Water

Rathalos with 309 and 23 Fire

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Anjanath with 334 and 21 Fire

Goss Harag with 339 and 15 Ice

Rajang with 284 and 17 Thunder(Green Sharpness+NegativeAffinity really hurts here)

So with Anjanath and Goss i feel like it might be worth switching out the Rajang Legs for something else because those both have hefty negative Affinity, but i really dont know what to use instead

Bishaten with 309 🙁 i really liked the look of it xD

There are more SnS, but for the most part they are just worse than this here Rampage Weapon might be worth it for Ice, cant test this right now tho

So, Raw and Element come out around equal, its gonna come down to the Monster and your Playstyle…if a monster has a good Elemental Hitzone and you use Exclusively Sword Strikes im pretty sure Element is gonna win, but the more Shield Bashes you use the worse it gets and on Monsters with Bad Elemental Hitzones just forget it xD

TLDR: If you really like hitting with your Shield just forget Element but on good Hitzone Monsters and a Sword heavy Playstyle Element is mostly a Sidegrade to Raw(but it looks good and gives some variety so yeah :D)


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