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EMBRACE UNGA BUNGA – v2.0 Axehopper blast CB

Hello hunters! So with the v2.0 update brought us the Teostra charge blade, and oh boy am I glad to have it back! Aside from it being very fashionable, it's currently the charge blade with the highest blast in the game, which in addition to the ramp-up Teostra Soul, IMO makes up for its lack of raw. With that said, I've put together this build which combines blast damage with axehopper spam to guarantee that you cripple every single monster you hunt.

decos: – x3 attack – x2 magazine – x2 grinder (or any other 1 slots you prefer) – x1 artillery – x1 blast atk – x1 blunt – x1 brace

Talisman: – rapid morph 1 slugger 1 w/ x2 two slots

I would say the talisman I'm running is pretty good, but as long as you have a x2 two slot it's fine to drop a level of rapid morph. However, make sure to include load shells 2 and bludgeoner 3 into the build, as I think these skills are crucial for greater DPS.

For switch skills, I'm running condensed element slash, morph slash, and axe hopper. For ramp-up skill, I'm using Teo soul, which increases overall blast damage. The reason load shells is so important is because you can automatically fill your phials from yellow using charged slash to round slash combo, and that ensures maximum efficiency for midair SAED spam. There's artillery in this build for the extra phial damage, but don't expect to be hitting 100s with your phials. For that, I recommend watching

in which he shows his Teo CB build which is more guard point oriented.

Finally, you technically could run kaiser coil and braces for Teostra blessing 2 which gives +10% blast buildup, but personally I don’t think it’s worth investing in crit eye and crit boost since phial damage is scaled by raw. Plus, each axehopper SAED is a guaranteed blast proc anyway so I don’t think the skill is necessary.

Other than that, that's pretty much it! Hope you guys get around to trying this play style out, and happy hunting!


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