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Endemic Life is also inspired by Yōkai

Content of the article: "Endemic Life is also inspired by Yōkai"

I don't know if someone already posted this, but as the title says, endemic life in Rise is inspired by japanese mythology and folklore, just like the monsters. As someone pointed out months ago during its reveal, the Stinkmink's name in japanese is enenku, which is a reference to enenra, a yōkai made out of smoke. Thanks to the demo we have been able to see more endemic life and its description, and the description itself suggested more yōkai references, so I decided to fool around with Google Translate to find out more hidden references in their name and comparing them to the descriptions. These are my findings:

-Spiribird: its name in japanese is hitodamadori which references the yōkai known as Hitodama, which means human soul. They were thought to be human souls made visible and their appearance was blue, orange or red glowing orbs floating around. The description of Spiribirds states that their glowing body is mistaken by a human soul, hence their name.

-Wailnard: Unfortunately I couldn't find all of its name romanized, instead the translator only read Ko (a kanji) kiji, but the translation is apparently a child crying. I personally believe it references Konaki-jiji, a yōkai that sounds like a crying child to attract people to kill. Maybe the name just references how the crying sounds (which is stated to sound like a crying child) attracts monsters.

-Clothfly: its japanese name is ittan monshiro, which references Ittan Momen, a yōkai with the form of a flying piece of cotton that loves to wrap around people's bodies, often strangling them. The description of this endemic life states that it resembles a flowing piece of cloth.

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-Peepersects: japanese name: hyakumemadara. It references the yōkai named Hyakume (translated as hundred eyes), humanoid lumps of flesh with eyes covering all of its body. Despite their appearance they are not dangerous. The Peepersects' description states that they look like flying eyeballs. As many of these insects appear together, perhaps they were seen as a whole creature with many (hundred) eyes.

-Cutterfly: japanese name: amakiriakane. It references the yōkai Amakiri, a flying crustacean-like creature which loved to cut nets with its pincers (the translation of the name is net cutter). If it cut a fishing net, it could ruin a fisherman's life. The description for the Cutterfly states that they rub their tail during mating season, often cutting fishing nets, which made them shrouded in superstition, specially among fishermen.

-Escuregot: its japanese name is amefuritsuburi. The yōkai connection is not that clear, but I believe it refences the Amefuri kozō (rainfall priest boy) a spirit child thought to be responsible for raining and who love to wear umbrellas as hats. If you look closely to an Escuregot, its shell looks like an umbrella worn as a hat.

-Puppet Spider: japanese name: kugutsuchigumo, clearly referencing the Tsuchigumo, a spider yōkai that uses trickery to hunt. Although, the connection seems to stop there as I believe they don't share more attributes.

-Antidobra: its japanese name is Rokurohhebi, referencing the yōkai Rokurokubi, which were humans whose necks elongated at night as if they were serpents. Antidobra's description states that the pattern on the back of its head resembles a scary human race. I believe it references the Rokurokubi, as the snake's pattern resembles human head, and its body resembles the elongated neck.

-Brewhare: I'm highly doubtful of this one. Its japanese name is kamoshiwarashi, kamoshi (according to Google Translate) means brewing beer, related to its action fermenting the items. There could be a connection between the Brewhare and the yōkai known as Zashiki Warashi, a spirit child who brings wealth, and good luck to the people who live in the same house. For that reason, they were treated kindly and people made their bests to keep these spirits living with them. Maybe they have a connection as it is fortunate to have the Brewhare with you thanks to its numerous benefits?

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Well, that's all I have for now. Sorry for my English, it's not my native language, and sorry if I made this too long and if it's format is hard to read, I don't typically write in Reddit so I don't know how to make the format reader friendly. Thanks for reading! I hope you find the info interesting:)


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