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Event Quests to do during the Halloween Event

Content of the article: "Event Quests to do during the Halloween Event"

As most of you probably know, during the current event almost all Event Quests have returned, both in MR and LR/HR.

I've put together a comprehensive list of (hopefully) all relevant Event Quests and their rewards and thought some of you might find it helpful too.

So here it is, if you find something is missing, please leave a comment.

And, of course: Spoilers ahead. Turn back now if you do not want to get spoilered about monster names or rewards.

lr/hr item quests:

where sun meets moon downy crake dual blades
timberland troublemakers bristly crake hammer
every hunter's dream wyvern ignition greatsword
midnight mayhem shooting star lance
a royal pain mosswine mask/faux felyne layered helmets
kings know now fear wiggler head/sealed eyepatch layered helmets
the greatest jagras skull mask/kulu-ya-ku layered helmets
the name's lavasioth beetle layered helmet
a rush of blood mega man palico weapon and armor
usj: gold star treatment azure star weapon & azure star palico weapon/armor
usj blazing azure stars! azure star weapon & azure starlord armor
code: red dmc devil sword & dmc dante's armor
a visitor from eorzea (extreme) drachen layered armor & guild card title
sdf: silent, deadly, and fierce assassin's hood mantle & bayek layered armor set
contract: woodland spirit leshen materials for witcher's silver sword (sword and shield)/zirael dual bldes & ciri/geralt layered armor set
gaze upon the dawn zorah magdaros materials
scrapping with the shamos sealed eyepatch alpha
a flash in the pan shadow shades alpha
egg lovers united kulu-ya-ku head alpha
wiggle me this wiggler head alpha
keeper of the otherworld xeni'jiiva materials
the deathly quiet curtain vaal hazak gamma set/layered set & death stench layered set
a whisper of white mane kirin gamma set/layered set & blossom layered set
the scorn of the sun teostra gamma set/layered set & dmc dante layered set
the eye of the storm kushala gamma set/layered set & guild cross layered set
the heralds of destruction cry nergigante gamma set/layered set & multiple guild card titles
when blue dust surpasses red lust lunastra gamma set/layered set
undying alpenglow zorah gamma set/layered set & origin layered set
like a moth to the flame xeno'jiiva gamma set & commission layered set
the fury of el dorado kulve taroth gamma set & bushi layered set (accessed at a gathering hub quest counter)
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lr/hr notable quests:

the greatest jagras a LOT of decorations (let it spit while full)
the name's lavasioth a LOT of decorations (let it jump between lava pits)
greeting the gluttons canteen voucher
wicked wildspire warfare armor spheres
the poison posse commendation
triple threat throwdown high decoration drop rate
rollin' with the uragaan high amount of armor spheres
a simple task many threat level 1 and 2 tempered tracks
tracking the delivery many tempered elder dragon tracks
relish the moment many streamstones

mr item quests:

pearl snatchers pearlspring alpha+
duffel duty duffel penguin mask alpha+
flora frostbite wyverian ears alpha+
skyward snipers downy crake layered head
a fish to whet your appetite whetfish dual blades
fetching light pearls faux kelbi layered head
trophy fishin frozen speartuna
camoflawed faux aptonoth layered
every hunter's dream 2 felyne wiggler pot palico weapon & armor
kadachi twins kadachi layered armor
50 shades of white guild palace weapons
every hunters dream 3 wyvern ignition mr & black eagle charge blade
seeing is believing ale dual blades
beef is never a mi-steak well-done hammer (meat club)
scores of ores pickaxe longsword
a chilling entrance sealed dragon cloth alpha+ (scarf)
re: return of the bioweapon leon & claire alpha+ & rpd/umbrella/tofu survivor pendants & typewriter/item box decorations
the assassin assassin mantle upgrade
usj: shine on forever azure era "soaring dragon"+ (bow) & azure starlord layered armor
usj: ballet of frost azure star "dragon dance"+ (long sword) & azure era "soaring dragon"+ & azure age armor & azure age layered armor
a shocking climax dmc/witcher/ff and space lord hammer mr upgrades & rural/maestro/moogle/mega man/nekker palico mr upgrades
muscle monkey madness buff body alpha+ armor set
mighty muscle monkey madness buff body gamma+ layered armor set
don't forget the earplugs! hare band layered armor
monkey business goldspring macaque layered armor
naked truth innerwear alpha/beta layered armor
tears from nirvana skull scarf layered armor
a farewell to zinogre clockwork alpha/beta + and leon + and pearlspring and wyverian ears layered armor
dawn of the death star alatreon armor/weapons
the distant dark tide namielle gamma+ armor set & guardian/artian/crystal earring/black belt/acrobat/showman/namielle gamma layered armor & evasion charm v
the last white knight frostfang barioth weapons/armor/palico weapon/palico armor & fitness charm 5
the place where winter sleeps velkhana gamma+ armor & guildwork+/guild palace+/velkhana gamma+ layered armor & earplugs/master's charm 5
fade to black fatalis armor/weapons
the eternal gold rush kulve taroth materials
safi'jiiva siege safi'jiiva materials (from 2nd week of the event)
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mr notable quests:

ode to the destruction high great spiritvein gem chance
a farewell to zinogre high coal drop amount
in the tempests wake 3 guaranteed sealed feystones and high chance for more
day of ruin 3 guaranteed sealed feystones and high chance for more
the cold never bothered me 3 guaranteed sealed feystones and high chance for more
balloon fight high amount of armor spheres
talk about a party foul… high amount of armor spheres


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