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Explain like I’m 5: the Charge Blade

Content of the article: "Explain like I’m 5: the Charge Blade"

Full confession here: for 3/5 games now (depending on how you classify GU and Iceborne), I have had the damn thing right there for me to pick up and use whenever I want and I just could not wrap my head around it.

Other weapons with complicated upkeep systems (Hunting Horn, Insect Glaive, Switch Axe, etc.) I got the hang of quickly enough.

Every time I pick up the Charge Blade though, I feel like I'm doing it all wrong. I dabbled with it a bit in World and Iceborne and was kinda intending to use it unless my Insect Glaive Blood Pact would need to be acted on, but in the demo I just have no fucking clue if I'm using the weapon right in the slightest.

I understand the underlying idea of the weapon: use sword mode to build up phial meter (that fancy charge double-swing is GREAT for building meter). Store the energy in the shield for your axe mode moves, and be sure to always take the time to maintain your shield buff by doing the SAED move but cancelling it back into sword mode. World introduced the option to also, once your shield is buffed up, transfer energy to your sword to give it whatever properties your phial is too.

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But then my brain hits a wall.

How do I handle using Axe mode at this point? I've heard accounts that the SAED itself is not worth it (at least in some games). I've heard other accounts that no, that's where the big juicy damage comes from. I just feel like I haven't yet parsed how the hell the weapon works, which is distressing to me because of how for the most part I have the hang of all the other melee weapons and, though I've barely touched them, I understand the fundamentals of the bowguns better than CB.

I mean FFS when playing Rise's demo, I found the Insect Glaive (which apparently a lot of people are bemoaning) way easier to use and understand. Free healing combined with Absolute Evasion? Yes for the love of god sign me up for that shit. Charge Blade though I just feel like I'm flailing around.


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