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Fatalis, how I learned to stop worrying and love the Nova.

Here's how my Fatalis progress went.

Before Fatalis

I just picked up Iceborne a few weeks ago after not having played the game in ages. MHW was the first MH game I've played but with about 400h played I did have some experience. I went through Iceborne quite comfortable with a LS, and took up a shield/spread HBG in the endgame for some encounters. Alatreon was a bit of a wall for me, so I spend time in the Guiding Lands and other quests to get some better gear and deco's. I finally got carried by a random through Alatreon, and now Fatalis was on the table. I read the horror stories about how hard the fight was, people spending 40h on it without beating him. I'm never going to kill him. This was 2 days ago.

This is never going to work. (+/- 4 runs, day 1)

First things first, let's just see what's going on in this fight. After the cut scenes I died almost instantly, and again, and again, and again, and again. I think I lasted for under 5 min. After this first fight I didn't think I would ever beat him, but that I could at least get some of the easy to craft pieces from him. I went in with sticky LBG + partbreaker and full defensive skills, and to my surprise the wings were incredibly easy to break even without much damage skills. Using the plunderblade as well, I was able to craft 2 pieces pretty quickly. Time for a break.

Progress. (+/- 3 runs)

Before the next attempts I read some tactics about the fight and watched a few video's. Apperantly Devine Blessing is pretty good and luckily I had somewhat decent deco's to slot it in. I also went back to the LS to see if I could finally get past that first phase. And WOW, what a difference Divine Blessing makes, I suddenly wasn't carting every other minute and went through the first phase with the NPC quite well, although it did take a long time. At this point I did know about the cannon opening, but because I wasn't going to get a kill, I opted to just fight the way through to get more experience. My new goal was to time out the fight, instead of failure by carting. I started recognizing most attacks at this point and went through max potions like crazy, but did manage to stay alive for the full 30min the run after making it out of the first phase. I did not hit phase 3.

There's too much HP. (+/- 3 runs, day 2)

Till this point I was using Plunderblade to see if I could snatch an Eye, but no luck. I decided to change to Shieldspire and opening with Ghili+cannons for an attempted to break his head. I only focused on his head next, and while it only broke somewhere around the 22min mark in phase 2, it did break. In the same run I even made it, without going for it, to phase 3 with a few minutes to spare. I re-watched some video's to see how much HP there's left in phase 3 and well, after getting a tiny bit of hope of beating him, learning that I only got him to 50% HP made me lose that hope again. I'm supposed to get him to phase 3 at around 15min!? Ah well, I'll just go for more head breaks for now.

Maybe, just maybe. (+/- 4 runs)

At this point I was staying alive rather well, so out with Defense and let's slot in some Agitator. I'm dieing a bit more at first, but also doing more damage and getting through phase 1 doesn't seem so difficult anymore. I'm actually still on track at 7min. Phase 2 at 19min, it's too late and because I'm focusing more on his chest to do easier damage, his head hasn't been broken in phase 3. But his attacks honestly don't seem that bad, and seem really fair. I can't recall many faints that felt like it wasn't my own fault. The Dragonator and Roaming Ballista also make the amount of HP seem more reasonable. I've not gotten much use out of the binders, somehow I kept missing hits, and without red gauge for a Helmsplitter, it felt a bit useless. I decided to instead use the binders to fully focus the Roaming Ballista on his head to get full use out of it. That was the right thing to do.

The Skull (1 run)

With the new tactic of using the binders for the Roaming Ballista, the head break came early in phase 2, just after using the roaming Ballista at around 11min. I wasn't going for a second head break, but for a kill, so opted to stay on the chest for easier damage for the rest of the fight. I hit phase 3 at my goal time of 16min and felt like I was getting close to a kill. I was struggling a little bit to get damage in, but was making steady progress. At the 27min mark, I noticed the icon and I wish I didn't. After seeing the Skull I lost my concentration, and started making dumb mistakes. I managed to cart twice in 2min and the quest failed with 1min left.

The Kill (1 run)

The next run the Skull came earlier, even before the 5min warning. Once again I started playing worse, and had a hard time getting in good hits. Using most of my time dodging and healing up to avoid the disaster of the previous attempt. At 28min I felt like any of the hits could be the final one and was desperate to get in more damage. Of course this led to a cart with 1min left on the clock. I was back in the fight with less then 30s on the clock. The first thing I did was to clutchclaw onto his chest. And it was over.. The damage of the clutch claw did it. We did it!

My thoughts on Fatalis

It's a hard fight, it's hard, but fair. You can survive the majority of his attacks and heal back up. Carting happens, mostly, if you get hit twice in a row. Good use of the Cannons, Roaming Ballista and Dragonator nearly halve his total HP and makes it so you can take time to heal up, or miss a hit here and there. All in all I never expected to be finished with it so fast, or at all. It took about 15 attempts, and about half of those weren't aimed at killing him. My tip for anyone that hasn't done the fight yet is, make use of the tools given to you. While the fight might seem very daunting at some point, it might not be as bad as you think.

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