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Fatalis is so cool but….

Fuck this lizard in the mouth. I was so hyped when I played through my first MH game and started Iceborne a couple months ago. I breezed through world with Greatsword and started IB with Longsword and had a blast fighting everything. I was already excited for Alatreon but then Fatalis was released and he was so cool. His lore, his design, his everything. He is my second favorite monster next to Nerg. Got wrecked by Alatreon at Mr70 but managed to pull off 3 solo kills for his set and weapon. Never minded the EJ myself and he is fair with amazing combat flow. At Mr100 I decided to fight fatalis since I didn't feel like taking 3 months to grind for pointless health aug and OH MY FUCKING GOD FUCK HIM! This fight is the definition of RNG and after getting 2 solo kills and 4 pieces of armor im almost ready to give up getting his weapon and 5th piece because it drives me insane. They literally made this fight a boring chore imo.

First, fuck the wingdrake. Idk know why in a 30 minute intense boss fight the devs made you sit though a 20 sec animation every time. It wastes time and takes away flow of combat.

Second, fuck Fatty and his fucking movement. If he wants to time you out he will. His whole body becomes a hitbox when he charges or bites and it does half your health with an ass wiggle as a giant fuck you. You got 2 binders but those are for when he is in phase 3 with no horn break and dragon pods work but only if you can clutch onto him without wasting your whole mantle or getting thrown off. Sometimes he will even trap you between his thunder thigh and a pillar if in the wrong place and downward fire you until your ash and you can't do anything to escape in time because the fucking clutch claw takes forever to work or it grabs the wrong place since its shit at tracking. You can superman but usually when you recover you're missing almost all your health and he has a fireball waiting for you on wakeup.

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Also, fuck his charged fireball. Every time I get hit or grazed by a body slam or bite my guy goes down and rolls in the mud like he just got hit by Dalamadur's dick at 500MPH and every time this happens i get a charged fireball or cone breath to the face with no way of escaping because the hunter animationbof getting off your ass isn't complete yet. Who thought this was a good idea? Its like Capcom said Alatreon with his fair yet punishing moveset wasn't hard enough for all the old hunters bitching about base world being too easy and decided to add Input Reading to the monster. It's RNG at its finest and its fucking annoying and everyone knows this because you can't join a Fatalis server because everyone has their hunts on passcode so no random outside their group plan fucks it up so its basically have friends and farm or go solo which is unfun and tedious.

Also as a side note fuck the hornbreak mechanic. If you can't break both you don't get an eye whoch is essential for both weapons and 2 pieces of armor and if you don't break even 1 you die to his smurf breath and each horn has a damage threshold with insane numbers. Even doing the wallbang/ballista strategy its hard with PB2. And people bitched about Alatreon. Not gonna lie im about to say fuck his Ls and his chest piece. This fight is driving me fucking crazy and I dont feel like plunderblading for a week for 1 eye. I want to love this fight but that damn RNG with the movement of Fatty and his wakeup supers really bring it down for me. If anyone's got any tips im thankful.

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