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faux-Valor HBG build

So, I have been playing around with all of the different HBGs, trying to find some interesting and unique ways to play the weapon. While this build is basically a meme, I have been enjoying it and wanted to share 🙂

The origin story for this build is that I wanted to replicate my beloved Valor HBG in Rise (RIP Seige mode). I have seen some Narga HBG Slicing builds that work well, but I wanted something a little different.

The closest that we get to the machine gun style fire of our old Seige mode is Wyvernheart, and there are precious few HBGs that get access to that. Fortunately, the Zinogre HBG is great, so I made a build around that.

I have 2 versions of this build, shield and power barrel variants.

First, my shield build: Despot's Paroxysm; Vaik Helm S; Vaik Mail S; Pukei Braces S; Anja Coil S; Jyurotodus Greaves. My talisman has 3 levels of Guard, a level 2 slot, and a level 1 slot. 2 Thrift Jewels, 1 Capacity Jewel, 3 Absorber Jewels, 3 Quickload Jewels, 2 Attack Jewels, 2 Ironwall Jewels, 1 Shield Jewel, 1 Sniper Jewel.

This nets you Guard 5, Guard Up 3, Attack Boost 4, Spare Shot 3, Ammo Up 3, Reload Speed 3, Recoil Down 3, Steadiness 1.

Second, my power barrel build: Despot's Paroxysm; Vaik Helm S; Vaik Mail S; Pukei Braces S; Anja Coil S; Golden Hakama. My talisman for this is the coveted Weakness Exploit 2 with a level 2 slot. 2 Thrift Jewels, 1 Capacity Jewel, 3 Absorber Jewels, 2 Quickload Jewels, 2 Attack Jewels, 1 Sniper Jewel, 1 Tenderizer Jewel, 1 Critical Jewel.

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This nets you Attack Boost 4, Critical Boost 3, Weakness Exploit 3, Spare Shot 3, Ammo Up 3, Recoil Down 3, Reload Speed 2, Steadiness 1.

Now, my notes on this setup.

I use Counter Shot over Counter Charger. I have tried and tried to love charging a lot of shots, but I get more out of spamming as many shots as possible. Also, Counter Shot is amazing, both for damage and repositioning. I have to get better at using it to counter roars, which is very extremely satisfying 🙂

This is also why I do not rock Focus on HBG builds. After a bunch of play, I have noticed that it makes a very minimal difference. For both charging shots and the Wyvernheart gauge, Focus is a trap! You have so many better ways to spend your level 2 slots.

I wanted to fit Special Ammo Up in here, but it's already crowded with the skills I got. The global usefulness of other skills vastly outweighs the damage increase that this gives you on Wyvernheart.

Just like Valor HBG in MHGU, you spam Slicing, Piercing Thunder, or Normal 3 at the monster inbetween uses of Wvyernheart. I love to start a battle with Wyvernheart or use it when a monster is knocked down. It recharges fairly quickly, but you're still unlikely to get more than a few uses per hunt.

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Slicing ammo and Piercing Thunder deliver a lot of good damage. Although Piercing Thunder is stationary fire AND reload. Normal 3 is your gap filler. I usually run back to camp when a monster transitions areas, just to keep topped up on Slicing and Piercing Thunder. Spare Shot helps, but you can still easily run low. Piercing Thunder will actually get decent damage even against monsters that aren't particularly weak to Thunder.

The omnidirectional wirebug dash is a sort of replacement for the Valor Dash, so you can use it in the same way.

Both builds are great, and I'm finishing hints with them quite quickly, even when I play horribly. The shield version is far more forgiving, but you will get so much more damage out of the power barrel variant. I actually probably play more with a shield, but that's because I can be quite clumsy 😉

I have made a video showcasing the shield variant and how it plays on a hunt: faux-Valor HBG

I will also be streaming on Twitch using this build (and some others) shortly as kaelkennedy. If anyone wants to watch how it plays when I'm not cherry-picking a good hunt 😉


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