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F*cking bastards are bullying Arzuros.

Content of the article: "F*cking bastards are bullying Arzuros."

And before anyone mentions his edgy deviantart cousin, that’s his cousin… They aren’t the same so don’t fucking dare compare the 2.

Arzuros just wants a nice quite life in the forest, he eats honey along with some fish and doesn’t bother anyone aside from hunters (who every monster hates). Sure, he looks all scary and shit but that’s just because Capcom God over designed him, which doesn’t work with such a frail and soft boy. He’s just a big floofy bear at heart.

So what happens? Everyone fucking bullies him. Magnamolo is a fucking pussy bullying monsters half his size, fucking kitty asshole is a pussy. Next Zinogre, big thunder doggo who is supposed to be this noble wolf fucking scares him away from his honey, WHAT AN ASSHOLE! Zinogre didn’t even have any honey, he just stomped on it like the edgy asshole he is! Even fucking obese platypus bullies him!

Even Capcom GOD hates him! They show the poor bastard in all kinds of gameplay trailers and beat him up for no fucking reason! They made him and then decide “you know what? My wife divorcing me for abusing my child makes me want to abuse my other child”, what assholes.

And before anyone says dumb shit like “BUHH BEAR STEAL FISHIES!” like the monsterist assholes they are, just think about this: How many fishies does Arzuros even need? Look at how smol this boy is. I’m sure he only wants like 3 fishies and he is good. So no! He’s not fucking hogging fishies, he’s just burrowing some and the other monsters just decide to fucking hog the entire pond.

Also, there’s a chance those fishies might be baby Plesioth.

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So I suggest an official alliance should be made, an alliance in which we protect Arzuros from these bullies. The FOHBA, Friends of Honey Bear Alliance. If we must hunt an Arzuros, we are only to capture them, not kill. Our main goal is to protect all Arzuros at all costs and make sure he continues his life of peace and quiet.


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