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Fell off the wagon… into the Seliana Crack Den.

Content of the article: "Fell off the wagon… into the Seliana Crack Den."

When MHW first came out, I was all over that shit like a fat kid on cake. For months, that's all I would do: work, hunt, sleep (for like 2 hrs)… Then I moved, I didn't have good intranets for a while. Then I was living with a broad… needless to say, I stopped hunting right when Kulve Taroth first came out. At that point, I was deep into the endgame grind and was pretty burnt out with the repetitive elders and mind numbingly low drop rates of decorations I wanted, but barely needed. I tried picking it up randomly once or twice since, but couldn't really get myself back into it. Iceborne was tempting…

About a month ago, I was killing time at work and I saw a gif of a perfectly timed KO. I mean, this shot was beautiful! The hunter knew the moveset so much that he flinched the monster, walked about 20 feet away, stood perfectly still, charged up his attack and the monster walked his head right into the strike. That's all it took! That perfection reminded me how good this game was. My coworker and I started chatting about the game, we had both played it when it first came out. We both went home that night and bought Iceborne. When we got back to work after the weekend, I had started a new character and raced my way through the whole base game to shake the rust off (Thank you Defender line!). He had just continued his character and was having trouble with Beotodus. I'm single, he's married with kids… He's basically given up, moved on to other games… they got a ps5 and xbox S for Christmas… Bastards!

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I'm still here, hunting until my eyes bleed. Iceborne's endgame is WAYYYY better! The guiding lands is great! I'm currently MR70ish, play basically every chance I get.

I've yet to attempt any of the bigger assignments such as Alatreon, Safijiva, Fatalis… I'm now trying to grind my way through the Guiding Lands. And expanding my arsenal. I'm a lance main, but I'm branching out with Bowgun builds and GS.

I'm on the west coast of Canada. Pacific time zone. Work until 6pm and hunt until 12am. Hit me up if you want a grinding buddy! I got's a mic, but rarely use it.


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