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Finally beat Alatreon solo; some non-skill related thoughts

Content of the article: "Finally beat Alatreon solo; some non-skill related thoughts"

I have slight PTSD of Alatreon dating back to the PSP days; so my initial thought was just only fight him in groups. You know, comfort in numbers and stuff. After failing like 20 times over the weekend with randoms, last night I decided to just "fuck it" and go solo it. Several restart later (basically – dying once within 10 min = restart) I have finally beaten him. Frost dual blades, took a whopping 35 min lol. Died twice due to Escaton Judgement but I still have 3 lives left (read below) so I could still keep fighting if I must.

Anyway I would like to share some thoughts unrelated to skills, builds, tactics, etc. Just some random thoughts that hopefully can help players to kill it as well.

  • You can get up to 5 lives – 3 carts, 1 from meal, and 1 from palico revive. You will likely die 1 to 2 times to E.Judgement. But that still leaves you with extra lives to actually die to his normal attacks. So dying is alright!

  • Before trying to actually beat him, learn his attacks first. My biggest realization last night was that Alatreon's attacks have surprisingly a lot of similarity with bullet hell games. All demand precise movements to avoid, and even specific patterns to follow. With other monsters, when they attack you can usually just roll in some general direction and be fine. But with Alatreon, it is actually sometimes safer to just MOVE around (you do not dash randomly in bullet hell games do you?). Random rolling can easily get you killed by rolling into his "split" attacks (e.g. the forked fire explosion; the fanned ice bolts) or delayed attacks (the lightnings).

  • Don't be stressed by "will I have sufficient elemental DPS?!". You WILL, (relatively) easily, in solo. Just bring your best ice or fire weapon and try to hit its forearms. You can eeeeasily topple him.

  • Don't be stressed AT ALL by "will I be able to destroy his horns so he won't get to immune to my element!?" either. As the point above, you WILL have sufficient elemental DPS against him when solo as the threshold is much lower; and after toppling him, it is free real estate on his head. And even when he is standing, he has a LOT of openings for you to attack his head to break his horns, even for weapons which have low reach like DB!

  • Don't be stressed even if you could not destroy his horn(s), leading it to go fire/ice immunity phase, which means dying to E.Judgement later. As mentioned above, you should have 5 lives to die to it. And dying is fine.

  • Don't be stressed, in general; because at least for me, the Alatreon fight itself is really stressful enough. Not only is he highly aggressive leaving you with little down time, but also there is nowhere to escape. If you keep thinking about "must, do, elemental, damage", you will be distracted and die horribly.

  • I kept saying "dying is fine"; because it's true that dying gives you a brief moment of respite. Feel free to max out your health/stamina, stock up potions/jerky, quaff a Dash Juice, get on protective polish, and THEN jump down for another round.

  • Finally, don't push yourself too much if you keep dying over and over again. Get some rest. At least for me, fighting Alatreon literally makes me feel tired. By the 15 minute mark I was already feeling my mind a bit hard to focus. And by 30 min I was like "please god end this already!". I have fought 45+ min fights in other MH games but I could change areas or even pause there. Here it is non stop action.

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So good luck fellow hunters!


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