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Finally “beat” the main game. Wow what an experience.

Content of the article: "Finally “beat” the main game. Wow what an experience."

After 212 hours I have finally beat the main campaign of the base game(I'm counting beating Xeno and the credits roll as the "end" of the campaign). Wow what a game. This is easily going on my top 10 games of all time. MHW was my first in the series, and man was I blown away with how much fun this game is. From monster design to level design the game is just so damn fun to play. This is the first game in a while where I really didnt mind grinding for gear, where generally I hate games that "require" a grind.

I first played this game last year and got stuck around pickle joe/nirgigante and lost time to play around the same time. Around June I decided to restart the game with a new character and really fell in love with the game, one of the few positives with covid and being in america I guess is that I had plenty of time to play MHW. It also helped that my wife likes watching me play the game. Not gonna lie, but the credits roll/party scene kinda had me choked up, which is saying a lot since there isnt a whole lot of directly told story. It probably helped that I named/styled my palico after my real life cat that I got around this time last year.

In my journey I had Charge Blade as my main weapon, with Gunlance, HBG and Long swords as my secondary. Currently have 1 of each maxed out level wise. One of my favorite moments was probably beating nergigante for the first time since he gave me so much trouble previously. It took 2 tries this time around, first try he carted me 3 times with 5 min remaining. When I beat him I still had 20 min to spare, so damn satisfying and epic.

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While I know I'm far from done with the game, especially since I havnt played Iceborne yet, I just had to make a post of appreciation for this amazing game. I look forward to many more hunts in the future, and might try some co-op now that I've beaten the main campaign(previously did 95% of quests solo).

PS: My amazing wife got me the MHW Official Complete Works book for my b-day. Holy crap the content of that book is amazing. So much cool information, I'm really digging the commentary. Its interesting reading about how levels/monsters were designed and try to convey ideas/game mechanics to the player without outright telling the player what to do, among other tidbits. The physical aspect of the book is a bit problematic, I've flipped through and read some sections, and pages are starting to unbind. I kinda wish the book was broken up into 3-4 books to avoid this. I've started looking into how to re-bind books which could turn into a fun adventure in itself.


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