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Finally gonna do it.Im gonna get a second main,no more beating around the bush.

I saw a guy make a poll a few hours ago and realised that its the easyest way to choose a new main.Its been 400 hours and i heve tried many wepons but all were lacking something that i was looking for or maybe i just didn't play them enough.I have been asking way to many questions to the poont where i am annoyed with myself at my incompetent ability to choose something but no more,this is the last one,help me reddit.I narrowed the list to the few wepons that i would like to play and im going to rate my expirience with them and tell you guys what im looking for in a wepon

1.Sword and shield.i tried it a few times in the past because i heard that its the god wepon with no weekness and i kind of liked it.The skill ceiling is preety high and i like that beacuse it gives me something to dedicate to instead of just giveing up on the wepon because i fing it boreing.I always ended up feeling like i did no damage and then i look at perfect rush and see 500 damage per hit and realize that its probably because how little impact the wepon has when you hit a monster with it.I love the mobility it gives you and how it lets you do whatever you want with your build.An 8 out of 10.

2.Bow.I like its mobility and how it somehow feels like a melee wepon even tho its ranged.Its not as resource heavy as the other ranged wepons letting me shoot normal arrows witch are viable unlike the normal ammo on bowguns withch are preety much useless outside of crafting plus i think its a good idea to learn a ranged wepon since i normally just play longsword and its nice to just sit back and just rain hell upon monsters.I don't like the stamina manageing but i can deal with it preety well.A 7.5 out of 10.

3.Gunlance.Its a fun wepon and more intresting than the lance.I like how it lets you choose the kind of style you want to play whether you like shooting charged shells at the monsters from a (relative) distance or just go all in with slap lance.I mainly played with normal shelling since i made the fatalis gunlance first and stuck with it.I love how cool the move look but i hate how long the recovery time is stopping me from continuing a combo before the monster hit me.I like the shield since it allowes me to get past attacks without dodgeing.The hops are preety nice sice they allowe me to reposition easily and they somehow feel more fast and precise than the normal roll.A 7.5 out of 10

4.Great sword.I tried it a while a go and manage to kill a tempered nergi first try witch got me exited but then i got totally destroyed by teo witch sent my ego back down.I LOVE the shoulder bash since it allows me to push through attacks and lets me punish just like forsight on longsword.I like the big damage since it allowes me to think,take my time and strategize more about my opponent instead of thinking about the wepond and how much damage i have to put out to kill it in time.The speed or the lack of it to begin with is a downside but i can get used to it.Also the fact that it has one combo lets me,a smooth brain relax without putting to much effort into it (just contradicting myself on my point on why i like SnS,i know im a hypocrite)Also the designes for the greatswords are really clean and cool.An 8.5 out of 10.

5.Hammer.Lastly hammer.I played this one a lot and this is less of a question on should i play it? And more like on how i should play it?Its nice like a greatsword but faster and the combis are clean but i often get confused on withch attack i should use knowing that if i commit i can die really easily.I get hit really often and that makes me doubt my ability as a player and how i use the wepon.An 7.5 out of 10.

Despite the rateings that i gave the wepons i like them all equally witch is part of the reason i have such a hard time choseing a main out of the 5.I will tell you a few things about what i like in a wepon.

1.Speed-I like being moble and being able to dodge attack easily especially on monsters like rajang and nergi.

2.Some sort of counter or punish-As i said i play longsword and one of my picks is greatsword,i think i can say with confidance that i like being able to block or counter.

3.Big damage-I like dishing out big numbers witch stems more out of my fear of failing the quest becaus i ran out of time so big damage is preety important to me

4.Good matchups-I want to be able to relly on a wepon instead on haveing to switch to another one to complete the hunt(Flashback to trying to defeat diablos with a longsword)

It took me an hour to write this so hopefully it helps me decide.This is the the poll to end all polles and put a stop to all my questions,at least until i master the wepon witch i end up maining.Thanks for all the tips and all the help and answers to my stupid questions over the last few months.Now one last time,help me decide!

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