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For the Love of God, you need MASTER RANK WEAPONS in MASTER RANK!

Content of the article: "For the Love of God, you need MASTER RANK WEAPONS in MASTER RANK!"

All I wanted to do was kill another BV Vaal to get to level 4 research and unlock that last optional quest I need, but I just HAD to join someone's assignment to do it without checking their gear.

You are all at the near end of the Iceborne story. The only things left are Namielle and Shara, and then after that you have free rein to fight Rajang, Safi and the Black fucking Dragons, why do NONE OF YOU have proper weapons!

I get it, Defender weapons are actually just as good as 90% of the early MR weapons, but MR weapons start to surpass them by the time you reach the returning flagships. You are all now well beyond those and are all in MR ARMOR! JUST MAKE SOME NEW FUCKING WEAPONS!

And it wasn't even Defender Weapons btw, cause if I had to be teamed with people using HR weapons, at least those are the best HR weapons. Credit to the one guy for having a MR weapon (even if it was only the first stage of the MR Anjanath Sword and Shield and they were well beyond the point they could have maxed out said weapon both in its current form or down the Fulgur Anja tree), but the host was using a Nergigante Sword and Shield and the fourth guy had a fucking basic Deviljho Hunting Horn.

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At least this allowed everyone to go full support so that I could get us through the fight and do 70% OF THE DAMAGE. You want to know how much I carried this team? The fight lasted 25 minutes, and I got every wallbang, multiple flinches to keep it from reactivating its spores, and 3. Fucking. MOUNTS. AGAINST AN ELDER DRAGON!

For the love of god, go grab some of the flagship weapons, if you give a shit about having a unique weapon model you're guaranteed at least 1 between your 4 options. And I know you can beat them, you had to do so to get here and all of you are wearing their armor. And if you're at MR 19 fighting BV Vaal, you have access to the monsters you need to max those weapons too. So PLEASE, GET MASTER RANK GEAR!


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