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For those complaining that ls is overtuned, please take a look at the speedrun chart.

Speedrun chart:

First of all, I do not hate or dislike any of the weapons in the game, I just don't like seeing people accuse other weapons of being overtuned when it isn't. Currently bow is legit bugged, since it's damage doesn't match up with its motion values so being at the top for it makes sense. But even if the bug gets fixed bow is still gonna be one of the top. That being said, it makes all of the ranged weapons top tier weapons, and ls is the only melee weapon that can compete with them. That being said, nobody rly complains about any of the range weapons being broken, even after spread ammo has been nerfed after IB (since spread HBG could obliterate fatalis in mere minutes), the bowguns are still on the top of the list. As for those complaining about ls countering everything making it stronger than a lance/ gunlance's shield, you clearly don't know what you are talking about. These two things can't and shouldn't be compared, countering only has a window where it can be used successfully, whereas a shield can be hold in place forever waiting for the monster to hit you. And also many people are speaking as if ls has been this strong ever since its release and that's not true. In IB, ls was only mid tier, in GU brave/valor ls is strong, but the same can be said for every other weapon as well. It was in Rise that the ls got buffed to where it's at right now, and even so it's not like it's beaten the three ranged weapons in speedruns. So those who keep saying ls is overtuned and broken, please open you eyes and look around you.

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There's also a lot of hate about ls tripping other hunters in game, and honestly every weapon can do this, not just the longsword, don't make it sound like it's a longsword specific problem. Sometimes this just can't be avoided if the monster is tiny or there is only one weak spot on the monster, a good example would be basarios, where the glowing parts are the weak spots and most of the time there is only one part glowing, so everyone will horde at that spot, getting tripped is inevitable. If you are playing multiplayer, you should get flinch free lv1, in that case most weapons and ammo won't trip you. Though upswings, wyvern fires, and clusters still send you flying.

If you don't like a weapon you just don't have to use it, I don't get why you people just have to hate on it. Monster hunter is a game for hunting monsters, not a "fuck your stupid weapon cus mine is better" kind of game. We are all hunters, we should respect each other for their choice of weapon. It's not like people are saying if u don't use ls and kill everything under 4 min then gtfo. No matter what weapon you use, everyone still hunt together.

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