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For those who want Kajaar weapons

Content of the article: "For those who want Kajaar weapons"

If you are like me and are trying to get those specific kajar weapons here are ways you can try to get them.

1) meld kulve taroth parts at the melder. I traded all my gold tickets for kulve gem, since those are worth 200 pts for melding. So 1 gem and some random parts to to get 3 weapons from kajar melding. I had 40 gold tickets that I traded and did this and got 2 dualblades and 1 Kajaar now I was aiming to get. Also got the ice strongman chargeblade, good for when I decide to give CB a shot.

2) Master Rank kulve taroth event. What's great about the event one is that you skip everything that's the siege and just go straight to area 2 to fight her and also it's searchable and you don't need to be in a lobby like the siege kulve. With randoms, we have been killing and breaking off the horns consistently even being all Melee. You don't get any melded weapons from the event, but the kulve taroth + parts are worth a good amount of points and you will probably be able to meld about 6 weapons a run at the melder.

Lastly, What I have been doing And have been getting Kajaar weapons consistently.

3) the HR siege. Join a lobby for the siege. There will be plenty of master ranks doings this quest as well for faster clear times and at most will require 2 attempts if playing casually. They buffed the amount of Kajaar weapons given in this siege and you get even more melded weapons when breaking off kulves horns during fury, an extra 4 weapons at that. Just a reminder that depending on your pursuit level, it will require you to break more parts to have kulve go into fury in the final phase. I believe is was 15 for pursuit 1-3 and only 10 body breaks for pursuit 4 and higher. When starting always use the 1st run just to break as many parts as possible and as soon as kulve molts, focus on that meaty tail since it has a considerable amount of health, that way when ur on your 2nd the break threshold is much lower, so you can pretty much get the 10 breaks needed on phase one to have kulve go into fury on the final phase and focus on her horns to finish.

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I was doing the siege last night and I prefer it than the other methods I detailed. Also you would at times get some of her gems to meld too which are worth 200 pts to meld.


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