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Fuck AT Kulve.

Content of the article: "Fuck AT Kulve."

Look, I know… Capcom fucking despises World’s solo fanbase with a passion, but this is fucking ridiculous.

5 hours and I still haven’t beaten this bitch.

So let’s go over this by each phase shall we?

Actually before that, Imma just hand out some free “fuck you”s, fuck you demanded partbreak, fuck you high up hitzones, fuck you status resistance and fuck you sharpness drain.

Phase 1: Initially this phase isn’t so bad… Until you have beaten her up… Then she fucking zooms across the arena, damn near impossible to hit and certainly not enough time to load cannons or any of that essential shit. You just chase her around dropping rocks on her head and planting bombs on her.

Phase 2: This is where the fun begins… I either fail this phase or the last one… NOTHING stops her from spamming the roll attack, a high damaging, massive hitbox attack that entirely covers her body and as such leaves ZERO opening for punishing, she also has a tail sweep attack that once again, fucks over slow sheath or guarding weapon users as the attack will displace you 7 meters away from her. There is about a 50% chance in general that I can beat this phase and that all depends on how much she spams the roll and tail sweep.

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Phase 3: Actually not horrible since you have access to environmental traps and her armor usually softens by this phase, she does however get a buffed fire breath that can snipe across the enitre arena.

Phase 4: Phew, you finally made it, the last arena, time to smash those horns and now since she ditched her armor and her head is an easy target due to her slow speed, it should be an easy win right? Good guess but actually no… Kulve ABSOLUTELY LOVES spamming attacks that guard her head from safe attack, and guess what? There’s still a time limit and she WILL retreat no matter what you do if those horns aren’t severed. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING stops her from spamming her lava breath, charges and horn sweeps, all which deny her head from being attacked. BUT WAIT! There’s a conveniently placed rock! Maybe I can mount an- nope, she knocked me off… Again, and again… sigh and… Again… I actually mounted her by complete accident, that’s how difficult it is. Oh yeah, by the way, if you came from Iceborne and want to pull the old wallbang spam… Yeah… That ain’t happening, there is no natural slinger ammo in the area.

Also, if you are wondering why I am doing this, it’s because I spite Capcom’s insistence to cockblock solos from content, so I am soloing everything that Capcom says I shouldn’t solo.

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Also I am so close to finishing and I am afraid my progress will reset if I hold it off indefinitely until I tap into the OP as ballsness that is endgame MR equipment.

Still going, I will fucking hold off sleeping if I can just win.



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