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Great Sword Weapon Analysis

I have spent the greater part of the day testing Tigrex, Goss Harag, and Nargacuga Builds. The following Analysis is based on having a relatively accessible Talisman that provides the following:

  • Weakness Exploit Lv 1
  • 1 Lv 2 Decoration Socket

All of the following builds are using decorations to reach the Skill Levels mentioned.

If you have seen

you will know that Rage did a pretty thorough analysis of the Great Sword Weapons. His build provides the following Skills, when used with a weapon that has a Lv2 Socket available:

  • Attack Boost Lv 7
  • Weakness Exploit Lv 3
  • Focus Lv 3
  • Critical Eye Lv 2
  • Resentment Lv 1
  • Handicraft Lv 1
  • Flinch Free Lv 1
  • 2 Lv 1 Decoration Sockets

This is probably the Optimal build for the Goss Harag for Damage. When calculating the Damage of Goss Harag Greatsword I will use this build.

This build, however, is not ideal for either the Tigrex or Nargacuga as neither weapon Benefit from Handicraft. Further, the build doesn't allow the Tigrex to reach Attack Boost Lv 7, which is very possible.

The Tigrex Build:

  • Barroth Helm S
  • Anjanath Mail S
  • Rathalos Braces S
  • Skalda/ Skio Elytra S
  • Ingot Greaves S
  • Weakness Exploit Lv 1 + 1 Lv 2 Decoration Socket Talisman

This provides the following Skills:

  • Attack Boost Lv 7
  • Weakness Exploit Lv 3
  • Critical Eye Lv 2
  • Focus Lv 3
  • Marathon Runner Lv 1
  • Offensive Guard Lv 1 (worthless)
  • Defense Boost Lv 1
  • 4 Lv 1 Decoration Sockets
  • 1 Lv 1 Decoration Socket on the Tigrex
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For the purpose of Damage Calculations with the Tigrex, I will use this build, which is largely very similar to the previous one.

Then what about the Nargacuga? For the Nargacuga I use a build geared towards Critical Boost.

The Critical Boost Build:

  • Zinogre Helm s
  • Anjanath Mail S
  • Rathalos Braces S
  • Rathalos Coil S
  • Golden Hakama
  • Weakness Exploit Lv 1 + 1 Lv 2 Decoration Socket

This build allows us to have the following:

  • Attack Boost Lv 7
  • Weakness Exploit Lv 2
  • Critical Boost Lv 2
  • Focus Lv 3
  • Latent Power Lv 2
  • Marathon Runner Lv 1
  • Windproof Lv 1
  • 5 Lv 1 Decoration Sockets

Alright! Time for the numbers. I used the Attack Power provided when entering the Training Area without any buffs or eating. Attack Power includes Powercharm and Powertalon. I tested the Attack Power listed by calculating the damage and then performing an attack on the training dummy. The damage calculation matched the expected value.

  • Goss Harag Greatsword: 291 Attack Power, -1% Affinity, 35 B Sharpness (W/ Handicraft Lv 1, it's 30 without it)
  • Tigrex Greatsword: 277 Attack Power, -5% Affinity, 20 W Sharpness, 50 B Sharpness
  • Nargacuga Greatsword: 236 Attack Power, 45% Affinity, 20 W Sharpness, 60 B Sharpness

From here we can calculate the Effective Attack Power that Affinity and Sharpness provide these weapons:

Calculation: Attack Power * Sharpness Multiplier * Critical Multiplier (affinity% * critical dmg % + 1) = Effective Attack Power

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Calculations will be done for not hitting Weak Spots and also for hitting Weak Spots

  • Goss Garag No Weak Spot: 291 * 1.2 * (-.01 * .25 + 1) = 348.327
  • Goss Garag Weak Spot: 291 * 1.2 * (.49 * .25 + 1) = 391.977
  • Tigrex No Weak Spot: 277 * 1.32 * (-.05 * .25 + 1) = 361.0695
  • Tigrex Weak Spot: 277 * 1.32 * (.45 * .25 + 1) = 406.7745
  • Nargacuga No Weak Spot: 236 * 1.32 * (.45 * .35 + 1) = 360.5844
  • Nargacuga Weak Spot: 236 * 1.32 * (.75 * .35 + 1) = 393.294

Now, both the Nargacuga and the Tigrex have 20 hits of White. Which means you'll start doing 10% less damage after that until you sharpen. It should be noted that both Nargacuga and Tigrex have a lot of Blue Sharpness available. So while their damage will drop by 10%, they will still be doing respectable damage.

The Goss Garag, even with Handicraft 1, only has 35 hits of Blue. Once that's gone it will lose 14% of its damage and perhaps even start bouncing more often. The Goss Garag does have Ice damage, but most monsters have Ice hit zones of about 15 (so they take .15 of the listed Ice power in damage) if they are vulnerable to Ice at all, which many are not.

Feel free to choose which weapon you like more, as they are all very close to one another. However both the Nargacuga and the Tigrex offer more max Damage, longer uptime in combined White and Blue Sharpness, and more Lv 1 Decoration slots for skills like Speed Sharpening, Free Meal, Affinity Sliding, Flinch Free, Windproof, and Stun Resistance.

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