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Gripes about the badly implemented control options in the Demo

Content of the article: "Gripes about the badly implemented control options in the Demo"

For some context, I played a lot of the series since the psp days, but skipped World/Icebourne because I just didn't like the artstyle and when the game launched, I was too busy finishing college to dedicate myself to a home console Monster Hunter, so a lot of things in Rise are new. I've been playing the demo since the hour it was available and I'm pumped for the full game, but I have some rants…


  • Classic control style (player actions type 2)


So the first thing I did when playing the demo was change around some settings. I have no idea why Capcom decided to separate the functions of the R button between R and ZR in World but fine, at least there's a option to change everything up, and I won't need to worry about it ever again, right? I proceed to enjoy myself for a entire day, then I tried bow and the cracks showed up. In 4U, the bow got a new control scheme option where you shoot with R and aim with X, and I got used to it, but the control scheme in Rise makes you shoot with X and aim with R again. Ok, the bow is a odd case, but the other games had the option for changing this only for the bow. Also old control scheme would be fine if Rise didn't let's you walk when aiming, but that makes it really clunky. If the 4U control scheme was still a thing, I would change so the aim button acted as a toggle and adapt, but since that's not the case and the bowguns suffer with the old control scheme too, I switched back to the new one and relutantly got used to it, fuck. A different control scheme just for the ranged weapons would be awesome, just sayin.


Well, now that this is over, I can enable Gyro and have no problems, right??

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  • They implemented Gyro in the worst way possible


So I go to the gyro submenu and turn it on, and immediately something felt wrong, because by default it's always enabled, even when not aiming, lel. I found it disorientating so I just turned it off, but hey, at least is there, just lel. When I tried to aim then, then my friends, the shit hit the fan. I play with both X and Y axis inverted, because I played too much old ames where that was the norm and there was no options. I know I'm weird, judge me, I don't care, it's fun. For some dumb fucking reason, the gyro in Rise follows the orientation of the stick, and that just amazes me… Did anyone test this at all??? The entire fucking point of gyro is that it kinda works like you're pointing at the screen and it helps to make small ajustments, but how the fuck are you supposed to do this when pointing up goes down, pointing left goes right? Maybe there's someone out there that plays like that, fine, but make it a option, don't make it follow wathever you set for the stick please. It took me one whole secong to notice the problem, but Capcom didn't? Really? And it gets even worse in handheld. For people not used to gyro, there's 2 axis used to detect left-right movement in different ways, Roll and Yaw. Yaw works like a steering wheel and Roll looks like you're turning a valve with your controller. Basically, Games use Yaw in docked mode and either only Roll or Yaw plus Roll in handheld, since one does not interfere with the other. In my opinion, Roll is way better in handheld because you're movind the entire fucking console, and it keeps the screen kinda still, is way better than pretending like you're playing Mario Kart, but of course Capcom implemented only Yaw axis on both docked and handheld… Why??? For fuck sake, Gyro is amazing when implemented well and imo should be industry standard at this point (fuck you Microsoft for not even including the hardware on your controllers), but not when you implement it like this. This is unusable for me and I guess for many others… Also make the options more clear please, because it should not be that hard to figure out what option controls the orientation of the kinsect, wirebug, weapon aim, arc shots and etc. get your shit together Capcom, this is embarassing.

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I'm having a lot of fun with the demo, trying every weapon out and just exploring the map and the new mbility, but fucking hell Capcom, step up with the acessibility please, is 2021. Almost all of this would be found if you tried to test the different control schemes and options, but I guess the devs could not be bothered huh. All I want is to be able to play the game the way I want goddamit. I'm still buying this day one.


edit: Man I'm bad at formatting huh.

edit2: I'm considering posting this on the main sub, or at least a toned down version of this to get more attention, but idk, for now I'll just post here.


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