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Gunlance rework idea

Hi Gunlance users, after a discussion with a friend about what weapons we wanted to rework and some general concerns about not being able to utilize the full gunlance move set due to the different type of shelling, I devised a shelling rework that would not only utilize the full moveset, but would breed new combos for the weapon. This is not an unified shelling gunlance per se, as that is already covered by a very skillful modder here.

The idea is to remove shelling types but keep their individuality, usage, and combos intact, in order to do this some changes to the number of shellings will need to be changed, as well as how many shells the gunlance use in the different moves it has.

  • Total number of shell would be 8
  • (Normal) Full burst would function the same, but overall shell by shell damage would be less to keep it the same
  • (Wide) Shelling after a poke would use 4 shells, making the poke + shell + poke + shell combo the same length as it currently is
  • (Long) Shelling from idle or after another shell would use 2 shells
  • Charged shells could be kept as 2 for normal charging and 4 for supercharged shells or make it so it starts charging with 2 and as it charges it consumes more shells

This would make it so all playstyles could be done with all gunlances. Each weapon could have different wyrmstakes, like we currently have normal and stun, and could add an element/status and even an slicing one too.

The other change would be to Capacity boost, this would add a special shell that has the property to function as any type of shell on its own, this special shell would be the first to be used, making it versatile as the first poke shell or idle shell would only use the special shell.

The new combos that we could do are:

  • Poke + Shell + Raising slash + Overhead smash + Full burst
    • This would use the special shell on the poke+shell combo, keeping 8 shells for the FB
  • Poke + Shell + Shell + Poke + Shell + Shell
    • This would use the special shell on the Poke shell, then 2 on the shell afterward, leaving 6 shells to do it again
  • Shell + Shell + Poke + Shell + Shell
    • A variation on the combo above, using the special shell as a 2 shell cost instead of 4
  • Quick reload + Shell + Raising slash + Overhead smash + Full burst
    • Variation on the first combo, using the special shell as a 2 shell cost
  • Quick reload + Poke + Shell + Shell + Raising slash + Overhead smash + Full burst
    • A combo using all the types of shell usage

All these combos can actually be used currently, they just aren't optimal for damage (haven't run the numbers).

This would give the gunlance a shell management that would be fun to learn and would also breed a lot of variations in combos and would still keep the type of shells relevant in the combos. Shifting the changes to the wyrmstake would be fun, and without shelling types the damage of the shells could scale part fix damage part attack boost.

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