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Gunner Weapons in MHW: Iceborne: Trivialization

Content of the article: "Gunner Weapons in MHW: Iceborne: Trivialization"

Alright, this will make people upset but try and come into this with an open mind please. I have played this game for ~2500 hours, alongside MHGU and MH4U for many other hours. I main GS, CB, LBG, and HH. And I've noticed a trend in this game that is fairly upsetting: bowguns trivialize this game.

Whenever people have troupe with a monster, a good piece of advice is to try a new weapon against them. No matter what people say, some of these monsters are better fought with certain weapons. But the problem I see is that every monster can be made easier with bowguns. They are very easy to use, and while they have complicated intricacies like a lot of the weapons, lbg and hbg can be used to make monsters an easy fight.

Evidence: endgame challenges that are trivialized by bowguns:

Kulve Tarroth: LBG Styx

Behemoth: HBG Dark Devourer

Safi: LBG, Aquashot

Alatreon: LBG, elemental rapidfire shots.

Other games put gunners in check through their armor. They had ~70% of the defense value of blademaster armor because you do comparable damage to other weapons but you play safely from a distance. This seems completely fair in my mind, if you play from a distance relatively safely compared to all melee weapons staring a monster in the face, then when ranged players are hit by a monster it should mean more. On average you will be hit less, so those hits should be more impactful.

My point here is that gunner weapons should be the thing to make this game easy, instead should be another fun playstyle with it's own challenges. I think Capcom should bring back the lower defense value armor for ranged weapons to make the game still a challenge with them. What else does this community think could work to bring bowguns to an equal playing field? Because currently they are not, they are the thing you play when a monster has your number, and that doesn't feel right.

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TL:DR: Bowguns make this game feel like easy mode, what changes could Capcom make in the future to make bowguns feel a similar challenge that blademasters feel?

P.S. I don't mean to make anyone mad, I love playing bowguns as much as blademaster weapons, they are all good. But bowguns trivialize the challenge of the game.


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