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Help for those struggling with Fatalis

Content of the article: "Help for those struggling with Fatalis"

Here’s some quick math.

-with Heavy artillery each cannon ammo does 450 a shot. So if you go in ghillie and able to fire off BOTH cannon in the first phase twice you can shave off 9k damage of his heath. He can’t destroy any of the siege weapons but in the first phase he can break the wooden towers the 2 cannon are sitting on. So I think the ideal 1st phase solo strat would be:

Go out in ghille before entering the arena, grab slinger ammo, and load the cannons. after you fire the first cannon he’ll always slither to you and do a fire ball in your face. Dodge it and fire the second cannon, the damage from will know him down long enough to do a full TCS shortcut combo (so 15secs?). After that you have to LURE him to the other side of the area so he doesn’t break the cannons (I think he can only break them with his tail whip and being flinch shot into them). When he’s lured over there wallbang him twice while wearing temporal (2k damage each hit while on all 4s) keep him there for 2.7-3min while your ghille recharges. When it does lead him to the center of the area so he’s in canon range, put on ghille and load and fire cannon again. If you do all this you can do a smooth 11k damage to him in the first area using environmental damage alone plus however much you do to him on your own. After that he should be around 50-55k health (same as alatreon) entering the second phases. There use that cannon whenever you have ghille up for 2.3k damage each go, and use the the roaming ballista when it’s up (twice during the fight) with Heavy artillary it does 75 damage a shot (I don’t know how many shots it has, maybe 100?), and the dragonator does 8k damage at the end. So combined all environmental damage would be around

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32,000 DAMAGE plus whatever wall bangs you’re get during the second and third phases (let’s say you only get 4) that’s another 8k damage. So to beat him solo you can’t die, be on his ass constantly with your weapon and use the environment.

SOME MATH MIGHT BE OFF, it involved guesswork but the general idea is the same, use the environment around you to beat him! stay on his butt when you’re not using the drive weapons, and play around your mantles, and ALWAYS BREAK HIS HORNS


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