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HH Build Guide: Anja Horn


Decided to do a write-up on my endgame HH build. I haven't really seen very many build guides, and aside from Narga and Rampage, the other Hunting Horns seem seriously under-explored.

Note this build is not going to set any speedrun records for the top 1% of players. For that, I wholeheartedly recommend the Rampage Horn. But for all of us potion-drinkers, it's probably one of the fastest builds just because of how safe and reliable it is.

How does this build work?

Unlike most meta builds, this build focuses primarily on maximizing attack and relying a lot more on your shockwave attacks. Shockwave attacks are basically any attack from your HH that produces "sound" animation.

Shockwave attacks include the second hit in Perform, Melodic Slap, and Earthshaker, every other hit in Magnificent Trio, and every hit of Infernal Melody. As anyone who has reached endgame with HH knows, these attacks are pretty damn important for damage output. And yet, they do not crit, nor do they apply elemental damage or statuses. They also totally ignore hitzones, which means they will deal the same damage no matter where you land it. (I will be the first to admit that I don't land every hit onto a weak spot.)

Why Anja Horn?

Attack is the primary determinant for shockwave damage, and Anja Horn has among the highest attack values in the HH family.

Furthermore, the melody set and layout is also as close to ideal as you can get. Attack Up pushes attack even higher, and it is placed on the higher commitment X+Y button. Stamina Recovery Up helps us spam dodge, and it's placed on the X button. Most importantly, our spammable heal is on the spammable A button, so you don't have to drink potions nearly as much.

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So why is this special?

Anja Horn is perfectly positioned to chain Crush (Forward A), Perform (ZR), and dodge. Crush has high damage output, and it lets you change your facing as you attack. Perform has iframes, deals AOE physical and shockwave damage, and it builds up Infernal Melody very quickly. The playstyle is extremely simple: do a running dodge into Perform into Crush into Perform or dodge. Repeat until the gauge is full and then perform a Trio and Infernal Melody. Return to spamming Perform, Crush, and dodge. All the while, you are healing yourself with every two Crushes and each Trio.


Forte Flammenkornett AKA "Anja Horn" (Brutal Strike)

  • 2: Evasion Extender
  • 1: Stamina Thief

Rathalos Helm S (Attack Boost 1, Partbreaker 1)

  • 1: Stamina Thief
  • 1: Stamina Thief

Rathalos Mail S (Attack Boost 1, Partbreaker 1, Windproof 1)

  • 1: Horn Maestro

Rathalos Braces S (Attack Boost 2)

  • 2: Evasion Extender

Anjanath Coil S (Attack Boost 2)

  • 2: Evade Window
  • 1: WILD CARD
  • 1: WILD CARD

Rathalos Greaves S (Attack Boost 1, Partbreaker 1)

  • 1: WILD CARD
  • 1: WILD CARD

Talisman: Bludgeoner 3

  • 2: Evade Window
  • 1: WILD CARD


Brutal Strike

Take Brutal Strike to cancel out the negative affinity. To explain what that is, Anja Horn has -15% affinity. So that means there is a 15% chance that your physical attacks will deal only 75% damage. Brutal Strike makes it so that when this occurs, there is a 25% chance to deal 2x that, which means 1.5x damage.

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Here is what that math looks like:

.85 + .15*.75*.75 + .15*.25*1.5 = 0.990625

Which is better than Affinity Boost III:

.91 + .09*.75 = 0.9775

Note that none of this affects shockwave damage.

Attack Boost 7

We take Attack Boost 7 to push the already high raw attack as far as it can go.

Bludgeoner 3

Sharpness does affect shockwave damage, but it's simply not worthwhile to invest in Razor Sharp or Speed Sharpening to maintain blue sharpness. And so, we use Bludgeoner instead. You will deal 1.2x damage for your blue sharpness hits, and 1.15x for your green sharpness hits.

Partbreaker 3

Comes with the Rathalos gear, and it helps speed up the fight because breaking parts leads to an overall increase in DPS for a variety of monsters.

Evasion Extender 2

This is up to you, but I personally think Evade Extender 2 is the ideal amount to have for improved positioning, which is a huge asset in both offense and defense.

Evade Window 2+

All excess jewel 2 slots should get Evade Window. Dodging is very important, and there's no shame in getting a little help if your timing is not perfect.

Stamina Thief 3

This build has a lot of jewel 1 slots, and Stamina Thief is one of the better choices for it, at least until more Elder Dragons and monsters immune to exhaust are added.

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Horn Maestro 1

Mandatory for any HH player. Improves Performance speed and shockwave damage.


In team battles, you will want Flinch Free 1. Aside from this, I recommend Stun Resist 3 and some resistance of choice. Fire Attack 5 is also nice when fighting Ice monsters, even if it does not improve shockwave damage.


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