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How Alatreon make me fall in love with my main weapon all over again.

Content of the article: "How Alatreon make me fall in love with my main weapon all over again."

So this post it’s just a personal story, also sorry for the kinda long post. TL;DR at the end.

So MHW (base game) was my first MH game and I fell in love with it after 1 play through. I came from the Dark Souls series ( Bloodborne being my favorite) and I couldn’t get enough. I clear the story with Switch Axe and Longsword, which I still love, but then I tried Insect Glaive and man, I had so much fun.

So I’m the kind of person that does research on stuff I like so I did my research on IG as I usually do. Got my Drachen set and my Kjarr Paralysis and was all set, but I always felt behind when it came to damage. So sometimes I drifted apart from the weapons in harder matches.

Then Iceborne got released, IG got new moves. Honestly IG felt overwhelming. Now, on top if the usual buffs I had to maintain, I had to deal with the spirit/power charge plus tenderizing. Why IG did not get a clutch claw buff like SnS and DB I will never understand, but everything made me drift apart from IG again.

Now for the fun part, when Alatreon got released everybody quickly realized that the fight was not as easy as the others were. The elemental dps check was really annoying, but I had set a personal goal of beating all the Iceborne content with IG, which I had done with all the monsters released before, so I knew I had to beat Alatreon with IG as well.

Let me tell you, those first few days were really frustrating. I finally beat Alatreon with a Kjarr Water glaive but, I had to sacrifice so much damage for being able to meet the elemental check up. I use raw on IG so it was a little disappointing. Until I started seeing posts and videos of the Kinsect using elements to meet the checkup. Man! I had ignored the kinsect for the longest time and now the answer was in front of me.

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So after tweaking my build a little bit I finally was able to beat Alatreon constantly, with no problems using my Kinsect in conjunction with my weapon. This changed my playstyle and made me fall in love with IG all over again. It was a really amazing feeling to be able yo use your favorite weapon and don’t feel that far behind in DPS.

The icing on the cake is Headlocking Kushala in the new event with my RB IG and thunder kinsect. Just wow.

So yeah, there you have it. Just wanted to share this experience.

TL;DR: Was bored of IG and Alatreon made me realize that the Kinsect it’s part of the IG weapon as a whole, changed my playstyle and made me do more damage overall. Loving it once more.


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