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How Kirin and Rajang taught me that something can simultaneously be boring and infuriating at the same time.

These two fucking suck so fucking much to fight. They are just not fun, and that’s saying something. Many monsters in MH are really flawed but still aren’t fully awful to fight, some get better as you fight them more and some are good. But Rajang and Kirin are just terrible.

Every single hunt I have had against these 2 can be accurately summed up to this statistic:

80% running around.

15% doing nothing as the AI goes nuts on a wall or just thinks the air is a target.

5% actually fighting.

You know, it’s funny, because both monsters probably take the same amount of time as other monsters to hunt, but it feels SO MUCH longer because you cannot actually be in the fight most of the time unless you get incredibly fortunate with the AI. Both monsters are designed in a way where the only way you can fight them is full on “hit an run” and that is boring as fuck. And a few traits contribute to this that both share:

  • Incredibly high damage per single hit.

  • Low windup attacks that can be initiated at any moment.

  • Chance of repeating an attack that just wastes time (charges) and provides no good exploitable openings.

  • Combine 1 and 2 and the monsters are very capable of hitting you twice in a row if they target you with a big hitbox or long lasting attack whilst you are down. Meaning getting hit is even more non preferable than usual.


I mean let’s tackle these fights one on one…

So Kirin… Kirin is frail but fucking annoying depending on how the AI behaves. Most of the fight involves running around him as he charges around the arena or walks around doing absolutely nothing, and unfortunately you cannot attack him either because he can very quickly attack you, and thanks to the deceptively large zones his lightning strikes affect (especially the single powerful bolt) he can easily make sure you absolutely are hit twice after being sent flying if he knocks you into a section of the area that limits your space to run away from the attack (the coral cliffs and round cliff opening). Kirin is just awful and you cannot do much, even after what must be my 30th hunt or so, the only thing I can do is consistently land a single GS draw slash after Kirin’s light non AOE attacks.

Rajang is SO much worse. The getting hit twice thing is ridiculously common with Rajang’s love of his combo punches that frequently cover my entire recovery animation. Rajang is the fucking worst when it comes to flinches, his incredibly inconsistent and janky AI makes telling where he will actually run or who he will target almost impossible to discern, the fucker legit just has entire minutes of the fight where he will attack the fucking air. Because of this Rajang is generally never fought outside of hit and run because you CANNOT predict what he will do outside of just expecting him to spam his zero windup punch combo (which he actually does most of the time if not all the time whenever possible of every minute of every day) and rarely uses any long opening attacks or a safe opening for that matter. At least unlike Kirin his rear is consistently safer to attack but unfortunately many of Rajang’s attacks are at least partially homing so he will be facing you repeatedly. Fuck Rajang fights for real.

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In the end both of these fights result in an incredibly unfun battle where you cannot do anything most of the fight and are not given any satisfying opportunities to deal massive chains of combos unless the AI decides to actually let you attack them.

Outside of heavily armor skill dependent monsters, Kirin and Rajang are one of the only monsters I always ignore when they spawn in the guiding lands because fuck that noise, I will just wait till a Legiana spawns or something before leveling up the Coral Region.


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