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How significant is the effects of AB 7 for overall DPS?

Content of the article: "How significant is the effects of AB 7 for overall DPS?"

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When making builds, what is usually prioritized is the critical skills then additive attack bonuses such as AB and PP. I see it even in the pinned meta posts for any raw builds.

However, I watched a video about how AB offers diminishing returns because it is an additive bonus, as opposed to the multiplicative bonuses of the critical skills. Does the 21 bonus raw really make a difference when you can slot in utility skills that can easily indirectly contribute to your overall DPS?

AB7 takes up a whooping seven slots. In the same slots it can occupy, you can fit in EW5 and PP, Blight Resist 3 and AB 4 (for the bonus 5% affinity), DB 5 and EE 2, or any other combination of skills that can boost your utility. Assuming you slot in AB7, assuming you are not a speedrunner, you can lose DPS because of a mistimed roll for the roar, hit by a lingering hitbox, or outright carted because of your own mistakes. This does not take into account the fact that it could happen several times throughout the hunt, so it’s not merely a single instance of losing DPS. Therefore, depending on how a hunter plays, they either lose out minimal DPS or drop significantly due to sacrificing too much comfort for a potentially negligible boost to offense. Comparing this with the utility you can get from comfort skills, you can capitalize easily on your evades to continue a combo, reposition for better damage, or even keep DPS uptime by not needing to slot in to get rid of a blight assuming you are not running resuscitate.

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Another question I have is if it really boosts some of the damage of some weapon’s MV by a significant amount. I do not remember seeing it, but I once read the you need to slot in as much raw as possible for your SnS PR to do way more damage as opposed to running only critical skills. Therefore, does it make running AB7 for that weapon build important? If I slot in AB 7 for my LS build, would it do significantly more damage on a helmbreaker as opposed to a build that traded AB 7 for comfort skills?

I want to make myself clear that I am not speedrunning, so I do not really focus on a fully optimized damage build. I just wanted to know if I lose out too much on damage by not slotting in AB7.

TL;DR: Is it really worth using a 7-slot AB in exchange for potentially losing out on excellent comfort skills, assuming the player is not speedrunning?

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