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How to be a Devilbro V3.0 – How to use the sub properly

Hey everyone! For those that don't know me, I'm the mod here at MHClan, the one stop shop for all your MH LFG needs. The first "How to be a Devilbro" was written when the sub had 200 subscriptions, and rewritten when we had 2400 subs, and again when we reached 10,000 subscriptions. With a whole new MH series to explore and over 14k subscribers, it's about time that we update it again!

How to be a Devilbro

Step 1. Click subscribe. That's it! You did it! Now how do you really make full use of this sub? How do you make this sub work for you?

How to post

When you want to post a LFG post to this sub, it's important to put a little effort into your post before hitting submit.

Things to include:

Game name, system being played on, time you're playing, your time zone, a way to contact you (PSN, Gamertag)

An example of a good post:

Title: Rathalos hunting tonight PS4 Body: "Hey everyone, I'm going to be hunting high rank Rathalos tonight, around 7pm EST, on PS4. My PSN is MrSumOne. Please add me and we'll hunt for a few hours!" 

Then I would flair my post with a MHW PS4 tag.

An example of a bad post:

Title: Rathalos hunting Body: empty 

The bad post has a few problems. It is extremely low effort, doesn't mention the game or system it's being played on, gives no time or time zone, and no way to reach the poster besides replying and asking for the information that should have been provided in the first place.

Low effort and incomplete posts like this are removed without warning. If yours was removed, try again with more effort.

What NOT to post

If you're looking for MH discussion, or want to post a media clip, check out monsterhunter instead. We only want LFG posts in this sub.

How to find a group

Many people think that if you're going to fight a Devilbro you should post a thread saying something like " Devilbro hunting!", but it turns out, this is the least efficient and effective way to find people to hunt with! It's totally acceptable if you want to do this, but please don't complain when people don't join you!

So there are a few ways of setting up a hunt. The first, most obvious way, is to use all the resources in our sidebar. There are chat groups, Steam groups and our own Teamspeak server, which I run personally. Using any of those will allow you to meet with hunters way faster than just making a post here.

The second, not so apparent way is to form your own group. I know this place is called MH CLAN, but really it's just a LFG sub. So make a post something like " Looking for regular PPSSPP players!" and then wait for people to reply to your thread with contact details, like email, skype, or when they'll be hanging out on the Teamspeak server.

The NSFW Tag

The NSFW tag has been replaced with a Quest Complete tag! If you're done hunting, please mark your post to NSFW which will show up as Quest Complete to let everyone know that you're finished hunting for the day.

Adding Flair

When you make a post, you can hit the flair button under your post title, then add a tag so your post stands out more, and can be easily searched.

Squad Recruitment

You've got a great idea for a squad, and you already have 4 or 5 friends that have joined. You want more members, so you should advertise on a LFG just like this one! We only ask one thing of you, instead of replying to people's posts, or posting in the main sub, we would like you to use our squad recruitment megathread, which is always stickied at the top of the sub. It is updated every month or so, so if your squad is active and constantly recruiting, be sure to repost your recruitment post when you see the megathread get refreshed.

Please read the megathread's rules to fully understand it.

Why do we do this? Because previously we didn't have this rule and the sub became flooded with spam, people flooding the sub with the same recruitment post in everyone's post. It was a mess, and things are better now, trust me on that.

Reddit redesign

The sub looks ugly with the redesign, we might change that in the future, but we suggest old Reddit for our sub.

Reddit Chat

We plan on looking into the Reddit chat feature, but it might be hard for us to moderate a chat room 24/7. Please understand that we are trying to figure it out.

Pay Services

If you make a post offering to do something for people, like complete a quest or hack their save file, in exchange for money or something else outside of the game, you will be banned instantly, no warning. For example, if you offer to hack my save for $10, be prepared to be banned. If you say you'll complete a quest for someone in exchange for their guild card, that's allowed. We will not reverse this ban just because you didn't read this rule. Ignorance is not an excuse.

That's all! Thanks for reading. If you have questions or comments you can post down below, or message the mods, we will reply.

Have fun!


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