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How to consistently topple Alatreon

This'll be fairly brief since I've seen a lot of people having issues with Alatreon and Escaton Judgment. If anyone has anything to add or if I said something inaccurate please let me know and I'll amend it asap.


Look at the quest name to see what he starts as (Dawn = ice form, Evening = fire form) bring only the weapon to counter that. Try to damage the horns and during his dragon phase focus and destroy the horns (up to twice). This will prevent him from going into the next phase and he will skip directly back to the one he started with which is the one you're effective against. Rinse & repeat, you can get a topple in the first 2 minutes with this strat.

For the special assignment, he always starts in fire active.

After the horns are broken you can start attacking the tail or whatever else but as soon as he leaves dragon phase make sure you get hits in on the horns.


  1. Alatreon starts with fire active, you bring ice.
  2. Once he changes to dragon active, break horns. (wall-banging him here is very effective)
  3. He will skip ice active and go straight back to fire active.
  4. Repeat. (up to twice since he only has two horns)
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He will never hit ice active in this case so your weapons will always do damage. This should net you easy topples and Escaton Judgment will do pitiful damage to you. I've done runs with a teammate for this but I bet you could use this tactic solo too.

It goes without saying you need a weapon that outputs really good elemental damage. I've seen HH, LS, and CB work extremely well. I've not played with others but the usual elemental powerhouses such as DBs come to mind, just be aware hitting the horns without wall-banging him might be difficult.

Hopefully this helps some of you~


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