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Hunting Horn Damage Calculator & Comparator [Overhaul, Version 2]


It has been a bit since I posted an update on this and a large part of the reason were real life responsibilities and then spending the free time I did have on actually playing Rise. But I'm back and I've done a bunch more work on my spreadsheet.

In particular the addition of a certain feature (second item on the below list) required me to pretty much overhaul the entire spreadsheet again, which also plays into why it took a while to get this done.

Features and updates

The feature list is largely the same as the previous version so instead of just listing them all I recommend you check out my previous post and then become aware of the following features having been added on top:

  • Support for Anti-aquatic Species, Anti-aerial Species and Dragon Exploit Rampage skills has been added,
  • Damage comparison for the averaged sharpness based on estimated percentage of time spent at certain sharpness colours has been added,
  • Damage comparison for a couple of core combos/attacks has been added:
    • Perform / Chord into Crush,
    • Slide Beat (all hits),
    • Slide Beat into Infernal Melody,
    • Magnificent Trio (all hits),
    • Magnificent Trio into Infernal Melody,
    • Earthshaker (both hits).
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I also updated some of the formulas and the basic damage calculations which should now be entirely accurate (I hope).

The Spreadsheet

Link to the sheet is here:

Any feedback, error reports, etc. would be greatly appreciated as always.

Also, don't forget to share this post or the spreadsheet itself with others who might be interested in Hunting Horn set building and/or damage comparing.

Here's hoping this is the final big overhaul and I won't have to make more posts about this spreadsheet. I also of course hope people will find this thing useful; I did spend a good 3 or 4 weeks on it at this point.

Thank you for your time.


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