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Hunting Horn Multiplayer Healing Juggernaut Strat

FYI, this is not a corner-dooter strat, and I do not endorse such cowardly tactics. This is an immortal full damage strat that turns you and all of your teammates into juggernauts. All you need is any hunting horn in the magia tree, the echo mode switch skill, and the bead of resonance switch skill. Here's the simplified breakdown:

  1. Equip a magia horn. These horns have health recovery (s), health recovery (s) + antidote, and sonic barrier. This works with any horn with big healing and sonic barrier, but I'm not sure of any other than magia at the moment.
  2. Place a bead of resonance, doubling your songs every time you echo.
  3. Prep all of your songs and echo, resulting in 2x small heal, 2x small heal + antidote, and sonic barrier. This heals everyone for about 33% max HP and gives everyone rocksteady.
  4. With rocksteady, do a magnificent trio, giving everyone a second round of doubled songs.
  5. Infernal Melody if you have it, with rocksteady.

Beyond the healing and rocksteady, this strat has a lot of benefits. First, you and your whole team have a lot of combat uptime. Your team doesn't need to heal as much, spend time getting up after they get hit, etc. With bead of resonance up, you have a free attack up song, even though the magia horn doesn't. This, combined with the fact that you can equip for full damage skills, means you can deal optimal damage while healing and rocksteadying everyone. The only thing you miss out on damage-wise is the earthshaker switch skill. However, I'm confident all the other benefits make up for it.

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Here are some tips and tricks I found:

  1. Always use bead of resonance near a monster for extra damage. The move deals three ticks of decent damage when you use it, so don't waste it if you don't have to. Unlike earthshaker, if you get cancelled out of the animation when you use it, it still places the bead. It lasts for 1 minute, so you don't need to use it off cooldown.
  2. If you're in comms with allies, you can time your barriers with their high-commitment attacks. For example, you let your GS ally know that you have echo up. Then, they tell you when, and you use it right as they TCS, letting them hit through the monster's attacks.
  3. Slot for full damage. I'm not up to date on optimal decorations and armor builds, but you can really use anything you want, meaning you can go full damage and be competitive with other weapons while healing everyone and giving rocksteady.
  4. You don't have to use magia horn if you find another horn with big healing and/or sonic barrier. I don't think there are any others with both. However, there is a spoiler weapon that may be viable: Thunderbolt Horn I, from Narwa, has health recovery L and health regen, so it can heal spam, but it will lack the sonic barrier. I haven't tested how big the healing is, but it's probably more than Magia.
  5. This strat is available from low rank all the way to the end of high rank, whenever you have access to the magia horn and both switch skills. You can craft the magia horn with some frost islands ores as well as some insect parts I believe. You get echo mode when you advance far enough in the village quests (it's 3* or 2* hub I think), and you get bead of resonance once you craft or upgrade 8 hunting horns.
  6. The strat's greatest strength is in multiplayer as you get more heal and barrier value the more allies you have. For solo, it's up to personal preference. You'll probably get the fastest solo speedruns with earthshaker + a higher raw horn, but you can still do good damage while healing and dodging less with this strat.
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If you have any questions or concern's I'll try to answer them all in the comments.


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