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Hunting Horns still viable?! My early thoughts, progression, and end game discussion!

Hey guys! I've been loving rise so far and wanted to open up some discussion on my favorite weapon, the hunting horn, since I haven't really seen much talk about it! First off, let me just clear some things out before we get started.. This will not be a discussion about the "dumbing down" of the hunting horn. It's true, that playing your songs is much more simple than in previous games, but all that does I give you more freedom to explore the complex combos the weapon can pull off! Also, this is not a discussion about the nerfs to the weapon on launch. It did get hit very hard, but let's be honest. Demo horn was broken and the nerfs were very deserving. No, I don't think the nerfs made the weapon bad, rather, it just brought the horn in line with other weapons. And finally, this post WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS! I will be discussing end game here, if you don't want to spoil any potential fights you haven't seen yet, game mechanics you haven't discovered, or gear/skills you haven't seen, you may want to skip this post for now… With all that out of the way, let's begin!!


Armor: Kulu full set

Weapon: Kamura Chorus 3

In my opinion, horn is one of the strongest weapons in the game early on. The song buffs honestly just make low rank a breeze and I had very little trouble coasting through the story. Kulu armor gives you the very important horn maestro skill with a nice mix of other skills to make solo play easier. Kamura chorus has the 3 most useful songs early on, so it's a no Brainer really!

Post Village Credits:

Armor: Goss Harag Helm, Sinister Garb, Sinister Gauntlets, Sinister Tassets, Goss Harag Greaves, Horn Maestro charm

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Weapon: Sinister Strum 1

This was more of an experimental build rather than what I would believe to be 100% optimal at this point in the game. The theory behind the build is that hellfire blight is a very strong mechanic if you can properly make use of it. Magnamalo soul rampage skill gives you a very nice attack boost and the 2 piece Goss harag gives us agitator 2 which is useful in giving us even more damage on top of our hellfire buffs, and allows us to keep more damage if we needed to drop the hellfire blight for whatever reason. Like i said, this was more of just an experiment though, the magnamalo weapon however, is the best weapon you have access to at this point. Just swap the rampage skills if you aren't taking hellfire.

Early High Rank (4-5 star hub quests)

Armor: Izuchi Helm S, Izuchi Mail S, Kamura Bracers S, Baggi Coil S, Ingot Greaves S, Horn Maestro charm

Weapon: Gale Horn

This armor gives very nice skills for being available so early in high rank. Lvl 7 Crit eye + lvl 4 Attack Boost is going to do massive damage. I went with gale horn for a bit more base affinity and the affinity up song, since I already had crit eye level 7.

My current level (7+ star hub quests)

Armor: Zingogre Helm S, Zingore Mail S, Rathalos Bracers S, Rathalos Coil S, Ingot Greaves S, Weakness Exploit charm

Weapon: Hidden Harmonic 2

This is the current gear setup I'm running. It gives lvl 7 Attack Boost (with decorations), lvl 3 weakness exploit, and horn maestro (with decorations). I'm currently working on optimizing this set going forward. Perhaps finding a way to fit in crit Boost lvl 3?

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Switch Skills Hunting horn has some very interesting skills, in that they completely change the way you play the weapon, for the most part. So I want to go over my thoughts on them real quick.

Melodic Slap: This is the mildest of our 3 skills, and changes gameplay the least, so let's go over it first. This replaces your big overhead slam with a weaker, but much faster side swing. Overall, I believe this is just up to preference. Melodic Slap is much faster and can be canceled at more points making you overall safer, but you aren't really losing out on anything game changing by taking either Slap or overhead smash.

Bead of Resonance: This is a very cool ability but I honestly haven't found much use for it. It copies every song you play which synergizes very well with instant effects like healing and sonic wave. This to me is a strictly multi-player oriented skill and even then you'll want to be a very support heavy build. The downtime of actually placing the cocoon on the ground is very long so even with a downed monster you're likely going to miss out on doing any decent damage with it. I think where this truly shines is on a pure support build, being able to give massive heals to your team without the need of sheathing to eat with wide range.

Echo: This skill changes the way we play songs entirely, which is very interesting and worth exploring more. Instead of pressing the same button for a song twice in a row and automatically getting the song, you now have to perform songs with ZR. You will perform each song you have in queue whenever you press ZR, although it will only perform one of each type of song, so for example you can't queue up a bunch of sonic waves and get them all at once, only one of them will happen. A couple other things change, such as slide beat now casting songs you have queued up, which is a very nice addition, but the one big thing to me, and why I don't believe I'll ever take this skill over the base performance, is that it changes your ZR move. You no longer have the breakdancing I-frame perform that is arguably one of the best things about the Horns moveset. Instead you have Chord, which just swings your horn and casts songs.

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This was kind of a long post, but I just wanted to touch on several different things at once. Have you guys been loving horn as much as I have? Have any interesting builds you're working on? Let's talk about it!


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