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I had a brainwave about this game. It’s kinda like life, as cliche as that is.

Content of the article: "I had a brainwave about this game. It’s kinda like life, as cliche as that is."

Most days, it's not that bad. You're just gathering eggs, or clearing out some Jagras. At worst, you have to deal with an Anjanath. Then there are the harder days. The monsters that you aren't so fond of, and are just really annoying, like a Kushala or Lunastra. Those are the days you need to call someone, find out a little more about some things you don't know in that situation, then come back and wallop it. But then there's the worst days. The days you wish it was Lunastra, when it's a motherfucking Alatreon, primed and ready to absolutely ruin you. And it can, if you let it. But those are the days when you don't solo. You call in some friends to help you take it on. And maybe it's not just 3, maybe you need a whole damn hub for this mess, this absolute disaster of a day, but that's fine, cuz when's the last time you saw someone shamed for not soloing Safijiva or Shara Ishvalda? There's no weakness in it, quite the opposite in fact. And yeah, you're getting carted, no two ways about it. It'll happen. But that doesn't mean it's over, not even when you hit the triple cart hat trick. You still have a chance, and even failure can teach. Behemoth isn't going down easy, but with enough will, not even skill, just sheer willpower and teamwork, neither are you. You can't tank him alone? That's cool, your buddy just downed a potion to help you and started his HH combos. Can't dish it fast enough, that's ok, LS over there has me covered, and you know what, I got him too. He's gonna get stunned, and I am ready to give him a solid bonk back to his feet.

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This simile is kinda running away, the point is, mhw is, in at least one way, a great guide on living life. Finding friends you trust and support, but who also support you, especially when Fatalis is absolutely determined to destroy everything around you, is the best way to stay happy and safe.


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