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I hate myself, so I’m doing A HBG-only run

Content of the article: "I hate myself, so I’m doing A HBG-only run"

Title says it all. I got a wild hair up my ass and thought to myself, "I wonder why everybody is so hard up on HBG for being busted?" I've seen the posts and videos, a HBG gets hit by a supernova and doesn't even budge while everybody else evaporates like they got Thanos Snapped, and people talk a lot about how you don't hardly have to do anything with HBG in order to win.

However, when I've bust out a gun of any variety in the past, I've struggled pretty hard with it. Sure, I can chump Anjanath with an LBG, but I've never fought him with the big boy gun, and fighting Legiana was a practice in restraint as I became the Black Ops. 2 don't-shoot-Kravchenko sequence, where I was Mason, the numbers were my vision turning red, and Kravchenko was my TV.

Mind you, it's funny that I bring up Call of Duty, since when I play Monster Hunter, my mindset is very, "if I wanted to play Call of Duty, I'd just play Call of Duty," so I tend to avoid the ranged weapons entirely, which may contribute to me being so bad at using them. This will be my first ever strictly guns playthrough – and I'm sure it'll suck just as bad as melee tends to.

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I'm doing a similar thing over in GU with Valor HBG, which everybody says takes the game and breaks it over its knee, and so far, they're not wrong. I achieved my very first sub-five hunt, and I'm hardly anything resembling a speedrunner.

But anyhow, this post is less a rage, in itself, and more a harbinger of rage to come, as I begin the harrowing tale of Seskia the Heavy Bowgunner who hasn't slept in twelve years, her faithful palico Meow Mix, and their trials and tribulations in the New World, following Seskia's "recommendation" from the guild to join the research commission (in reality, she passed out while firing her gun and wound up fainting her entire team by shooting them all in the ass while they were trying to fight a Rathalos, so the guild dumped her in the New World in the hopes that she'd get lost in a rainforest or something and never be seen again).

My guidelines for this run are:

A. No Defender/Guardian shit. Especially in Low Rank, those are lulz incarnate, and I want this to be as honest a run as possible. Even if it does drive me to the edge of my sanity.

B. As mentioned, HBG only. I'm not even gonna let myself grab an LBG for maneuverability. I'm gonna suck it up and deal with HBG's slowness 100%, which is gonna blow like Moby Dick's blowhole, but thems the breaks.

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Past that, anything goes.

I'd say wish me luck, but I've turned on Oracle Mode and have already predicted that I'm going to seriously think of committing Chop Suey before this run is done.


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